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Playback quality was very much dependant on the surface used… and that was actually part of the fun of this device. Because it sends audio down through the base, using the surface to vibrate and project audio we spent quite some time walking round finding out how each nearby surface worked… desks, tables, doors, chairs and boxes all worked. As did Pringles tubs and windows but our best experience was using a bookshelf where the wood base took the vibrations and the sides/back bounced the audio out. Quality in the bookshelf was more than acceptable although there is some distortion when both the speaker and connected device are set for maximum volume.

Content Writing Services Bangalore At £39.99 the build quality of this device is good and given its ease of use and decent audio quality it is an ideal step up from the sub-standard audio experience on most smartphones and tablets.

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UK Store – £39.99

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