Thursday | September 29, 2016
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MSI’s GS70 Stealth ultra gaming notebook

MSI’s GS70 Stealth ultra gaming notebook

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Eric Kuo, associate vice president for global sales, MSI Notebook, said, “MSI not only continues to create top-of-the-line notebooks, we also listened to our customers’ calls for both portability and performance. This notebook is relatively thinner and lighter than other similarly powerful machines, and we have also strengthened the market leading features exclusively available with MSI notebooks. We worked hand in hand with professionals around the world, such as FNATIC, and listened to the needs of hardcore users. The result is the hardware breakthroughs and technological innovations of the GS70. MSI provides the ultimate in processing power and functionality all in a beautiful metal chassis for the perfect user experience.

Product image Abstracts Of Thesis And Dissertations Upgrading performance and heightening the experience
In addition to packing Intel’s latest generation processor, the GS70 is equipped with cutting-edge MSI-exclusives such as Super RAID SSD, Matrix Display multiple display output technology, Cooler Boost thermal solution, SteelSeries full color programmable backlit keyboard, the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M discrete graphics card, Killer DoubleShot super-fast LAN and WiFi, Audio Boost built in headphone amp and gold flash audio jack, a 2.1 channel audio system, and the newest Sound Blaster Cinema surround effect enhancement software.

The latest 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processor
The latest 4th Gen Intel® Corei7 processing platform, which boasts enhanced processing performance and bus system architecture, bests the previous generation by 5% to 15% and has set new records in application-based benchmarking tests. The 4th Gen processor’s integrated graphics HD4600 has also been upgraded, boosting 2D graphics processing and 3D drawing performances by an average of 30%while reducing power consumption and extending battery life. In addition, it enhances program coding and decoding for more effective encryption for business applications and software. Phd Thesis On Neural Network The blazing fast NVIDIA GeForce GTX765M discrete graphics card
The next-gen NVIDIA GeForce GTX765M graphics card, equipped with 2GB GDDR5 memory. The new GTX765M outpaced the previous generation GTX670M by over 35%(based on 3D Mark 11 benchmarking) and can provide more sophisticated and efficient anti-aliasing in all 3D visions. On a powerful Full HD platform, it provides a smoother experience!

NVIDIA GeForce GTX765M provides excellent compatibility with lower chip power consumption and temperatures. Coupled with exclusive PhysX technology, you with resolutions ranging from 1600×900 (HD+) to 1920×1080 (Full HD) will result in dynamic, vivid graphics and a more interactive environment.

How To Order A Research Paper Exclusive Super RAIDtechnologyreaches 1000MB/s
The MSI-exclusive Super RAID technology’s utilizes two SSD mSATA RAID0 units, which can provide blistering data access speeds of 900 to 1000MB/s. What Is A Biblography KillerDoubleshot amped up networking
Providing you with a smooth online experience, the Killer DoubleShot significantly increases data flow while minimizing latency/ping level. Besides boosting online speed, it allows users to download Full HD videos from YouTube or other websites 50% faster. Killer DoubleShot is your secret weapon to improve data speeds for online battles and video! Personal Essay For Master Upgrade your experience with exclusive audio and video advances!

Mba Admission Essay Buy To Write Exclusive Matrix Display for Multiple Monitor Output
MSI notebooks feature exclusive display technology that allows you to connect up to 3 external displays for a total of 4 independent Full HD screens (including the native notebook display) at your disposal. Matrix Display significantly enhances the multitasking capabilities of our high-performance notebooks!

Solar Energy Power College Dissertation Term Paper SteelSeriesfull-color programmable backlit keyboard 
MSI has teamed up with peripheral leader SteelSeries to bring you their amazing full-color backlit keyboard. Besides enhanced key response and durability, MSI has moved the Windows key out of the way to significantly reduce unintended key presses. With full-color customizable back lighting, you can always quickly find the keys you need to emerge victorious. 

Master Thesis Sram Exclusive Audio Boost: enhanced audio for earphones 
MSI Audio Boost technology features an independent earphone amplifier specifically designed to drive medium and high-level earphones and HiFi headphones requiring higher power and current to enhance the full surround and 3D audio effect. Together with our gold flash audio jack, MSI Audio boost features enhanced anti-oxidizing properties, efficient signal transmission, and reduced noise, meaning that our GS70 notebook provides amazing sound clarity that will put you right in the middle of the action.

Sound Blaster Cinema: The latest surround sound enhancing software 

This year, MSI has added latest Sound Blaster Cinema surround sound enhancing software to our gaming laptops. Already equipped with an outstanding 2.1 channel stereo system, this duo provides a perfect solution to enhance surround sound, human voice clarity, sub-woofer effect, and base audio quality to bring MSI’s already outstanding audio to an even higher plane! 


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