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Wednesday | May 25, 2016
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Noontec Zoro Wireless Hi-Fi Headphone Review

Noontec Zoro Wireless Hi-Fi Headphone Review

On First Page2. The Headset

Noontec Zoro Wireless Fashion Hi-Fi Headphone Review

Noontec Zoro Wireless Hi-Fi Headphone Review

Today on our test bench we will be taking a look at a set of Bluetooth wireless headphones from Noontec. Noontec have primarily been developing products for the home entertainment market and have a range of home media players as well as several accessories for the Android mobile platform. Now though they have moved into the personal audio space with a number of new products and today we will be looking at the Zoro Fashion Hi-Fi headphone which is a Bluetooth wireless headset.

Packaging and Bundle

Zoro Wireless box
Zoro Wireless box

The Zoro is provided in a medium sized package that features a large picture of the headset on the front and the rear of the box. This gives us a very clear view on what the product looks like without having to remove it from the packaging.

Zoro Wireless box

The package also features a flip front cover and upon opening this up we can see that Noontec have provided additional information on the Zoro, including the key features such as Noontec SCCB sound technology. There is also a small cut out with a clear plastic window that allows us to glimpse the headphones within.

Zoro Wireless packaging

Taking the headset out of the package we find that they are stored in the flipped up position, in a secure moulded plastic housing. Noontec have also provided a black felt carry case which is stored beside the headset.

Zoro Wireless bundle Zoro Wireless cable

Along with the carry case we also find an instruction manual that provides us with a basic overview of how to operate the headset along with a USB to micro USB charging cable. Then, although the Zoro is primarily meant to work as a wireless headset, Noontec have also provided a 3.5mm gold plated audio cable that features a flat wire design.

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