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Interview with Louise Blain from Chillblast PC-hh0

Interview with Louise Blain from Chillblast PC-hh0 Dissertation Heart And Brain Interrelation

Buying A Financial Planning Business Interview with Louise Blain at Chillblast

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I’m Louise Blain, Chillblast’s Marketing and communications manager. I’m responsible for our social network communications, community management and marketing. It’s my taste in games and tech news you’ll see on our Facebook and Twitter feeds and me nudging you with updates about the newest PCs in our line up.

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Who are Chillblast, what makes you stand out in the PC market today?

We are proud to be the UK’s most awarded custom PC builder and PC Advisor’s three time winner of their best PC manufacturer award. As winners of PC Pro’s reader voted Excellence Award four years running, we are especially proud that our customers value us so highly. Our aim at Chillblast is for you to get the perfect PC and we make sure that whatever your budget and whatever you want to do with your machine, we can find the right set up and build it on site for you. When you choose to buy with us, whether it’s a fully custom build or one of our specs we ensure not only excellent value in our PCs but an unrivalled warranty and lifetime telephone support.

We are also especially proud to be affiliated with our YouTube partners The Yogscast and also The Hive Minecraft community. It means a lot to be involved in the gaming community which is always so passionate, driven and creative. At Chillblast, we love being a part of that, attending events and getting involved. Burn Burning Faulkner What is your current focus?

There’s a lot going on just now with Haswell and the next gen console approach so we have a few focusses at the moment. Our Mobile Phone Car Tracker small form factor systems; the Fusion Yeti, Mammoth, Bigfoot and Kong have made a big impression on people looking to move to PC but wanting to make sure it’s a portable experience and something that can go next to the TV. These are all equipped with Nvidia’s newest 700 series of graphics cards so are more than ready for gaming for this generation and the next.

Beating next gen consoles isn’t difficult but we want to make sure that our newest range of PCs will not only take on next gen titles happily but future proof users as much as possible. Our Haswell machines such as the Homework Easy Fusion Zed, the Fusion Bandit and Dissertation On Elvis Fusion Borg are all flagship systems that meet a variety of price points but all deliver excellent gaming performance.

Our range of laptops has also increased with our new Students Caught Using Custom Writing Services 13" Defiant Mini Gaming laptop launching in the last month. With an i7 quad core processor and Nvidia’s 765M graphics card, it’s ready to chew up your games and spit them out. Meaning Of Assignee What are you most excited about in your current line up?

We have some top secret and ridiculously exciting news later this month but I’m not allowed to breathe a word until the news breaks on the site so I’ll have to go with our Fusion Hive and Fusion Uzi. The Fusion Hive is our specially designed system for the team over at the Hive Minecraft Community and has great specs for crafting the night away. It also comes with a free Emerald membership for the Hive servers.

The Pre Written Persuasive Speech Fusion Uzi is our newest small form factor set up which comes with a monitor and peripherals. A 4670K processor overclocked to 4.4Ghz, GTX 770 2GB and 16GB of RAM all in a cool Bitfenix Prodigy case means plenty of gaming goodness all in one awesome package with a tiny footprint. I’m a total sucker for the Bitfenix Prodigy. It doesn’t sacrifice any functionality for its size and looks. Plus, you don’t have to take my word for it, PC Advisor gave it 9/10 and awarded it a Best Buy just last week.

What is your personal PC and can you be found gaming into the night?

I can indeed. My personal PC is currently a Chillblast PC with an i5 4670K processor, a GTX 660 and 8GB of RAM in a Nanoxia Deep Silence case in black. I previously worked for Official PlayStation Magazine so have moved to PC gaming from being primarily a console gamer. I recently braved my way through Outlast and I’m looking forward to a winter of Batman Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and Watch Dogs. Chillblast’s upcoming YouTube channel will be updated regularly with gaming reviews as well as our tech news. Keep an eye out.

Thanks to Louise for her time and answering our questions.

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