Thursday | September 29, 2016
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Club3D Radeon R7 260X royalKing Graphics Card Review

Club3D Radeon R7 260X royalKing Graphics Card Review

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Club3D Radeon R7 260X royalKing 2GB Review Dissertation For Masters Degree

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Looking at the key specifications Club3D go with a Bonaire XTX core peaking at 1050MHz and 2GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1160MHz (4600MHz). Being based on the Bonaire GPU, for the Stream processors AMD/Club3D have gone for a 896 "core" design and our memory bus is 128-bit. PCIe 3.0, DirectX 11.2 and DirectCompute are all supported on this card as is acceleration of high definition content and the card can output 7.1 audio over HDMI including DTS Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD.

GPUz Pay It Forward Theme Essay The 260X also adds AMD TrueAudio which is also present in 290X. 280X/270X don’t support TrueAudio and to be fair current games don’t take advantage of it either. For that we need to wait on some upcoming titles and when utilised the TrueAudio tech takes the gaming audio processing task away from our CPU, uses graphics card resource to provide more advanced audio effects (such as improved virtual surround sound), and then passes it to our output device.

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