Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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Enermax Extends Ahead of the Game Series

Enermax Extends Ahead of the Game Series Master Thesis Voorbeeld

With the Revolution X’t PSU series and the Liqtech liquid coolers, Enermax now adds two products to the new “Ahead of the Game” range.

Product image Geography Homework Help Year 7 Revolution X’t: Massive 12V Rail for High-Performance Gaming Rigs
The key components for maximum gaming power are the graphics card and the CPU. Both are supplied by the 12V rail of the PSU. The more amperes the rail provides, the higher is the performance capability at high system load. The new Revolution X’t from Enermax comes with one massive 12V rail generating more than 97 per cent of the total power, so that it can easily handle high-performance and overclocked gaming rigs. The manufacturer applies durable, quality components and relies on approved technologies to ensure non-stop 24/7 operation at 40°C ambient temperature.

High Efficiency & low-noise 139mm Twister Fan
An advanced electronic circuit minimizes energy losses and ensures an efficiency of 89 to maximum 92 per cent*. Revolution X’t therefore achieved the international energy-saving certificate 80 PLUS® Gold. The large 139mm fan with patented Twister bearing (100,000 hours MTBF) runs virtually silent and keeps the temperatures effectively low. The speed is controlled according to the temperature and particular load, so that Enermax guarantees a perfect balance between cooling performance and noise generation.
* from 20% to 100% load at 230VAC

Flat Cables & Haswell Support
Flexible flat cables simplify the system installation and cable routing. Revolution X’t is equipped with a semi-modular cable management with a variety of connectors. Starting from 430 watts, the power supply offers two 8-pin PCI-Express connectors. From 630 watts upwards, four connectors for graphics cards are included. That way, the models of the new series are well prepared for multi-GPU systems. Revolution X’t complies with the latest Intel® ATX12V v2.4 standard for desktop PSU and supports all current Intel® and AMD® processors including the new Haswell™ generation. The manufacturer introduces four models with 430, 530, 630 and 730 watts.

Product image

Revolution X’t is now available on sale. MSRP incl. VAT: Need Help On Homework £79.00 for the Revolution X’t 430W (ERX430AWT), College Essay Learning Disability £89.00 for the ERX530AWT, Sexual Education Research Paper £99.00 for ERX630AWT and Help For Tok Essay £ Buy A High School Essay 109.00 for ERX730AWT. Revolution X’t replaces the low-wattage models of the Revolution87+ series. The Revolution87+ 850W and 1000W (ERV850EWT/ERV1000EWT) will be continued.

Product image

Writing A Personal Essay For College Admission Liqtech: Effective Cooling for Multi-Core Processors
High-performance CPUs still generate more heat than usual processors for office workstations. If you overclock the CPU in order to boost the performance, you will definitely need a powerful cooler. Apart from high-end air coolers with bulky heat sinks, compact all-in-one water cooling systems have become increasingly popular during the past years. Compared to air-cooled solutions, they offer a higher performance capability and have the ability to eliminate hot spots more effectively and much quicker.

Best Site Buy Essay Shunt-Channel Cold Plate & Innovative Radiator Structure
With the Liqtech series, Enermax presents already the second generation of its liquid cooling product range. In comparison with the previous ELC models, the manufacturer has completely redesigned the coolers. The massive water block is made from aluminium and refines not only the appearance of the cooler, but also improves the heat dissipation. The quality pump inside the water block works silently and is based on a durable ceramic bearing. On the other hand, the design of the cold plate remains unchanged: Enermax relies on the patented “Shunt Channel Technology” which significantly increases the water flow rate and speed. A channel breaks through the micro-fin structure and prevents the formation of the so-called Boundary Layer, a physical phenomenon that obstructs the water flow. Apart from that, the cooling specialist introduces a new radiator construction. The fins are soldered to the pipes, which creates a larger, seamless contact area and densifies the radiator structure for a more efficient heat transfer. Clinical Psychology Ph D Dissertation The New Twister Pressure Fans with APS Function
Liqtech comes with two Twister bearing fans with 100,000 hours MTBF. For the first time, Enermax applies the new Twister Pressure fans that have been particularly designed for CPU coolers and radiators. The special shape of the blades allows for a high static pressure which is essential to ensure an efficient and low noise cooling. Due to the quality and sturdy materials, the fans are also resistant against vibrations – even at high speed. Like the previously launched Cluster Advance and Everest Advance, the Twister Pressure fans are equipped with the “Adjustable Peak Speed (APS)” function. The RPM range can be customized in three steps according to the system requirements: Silent Mode (600 – 1,300 RPM), Performance Mode (600 – 2,000 RPM) and Overclock Mode (600 – 2,500 RPM). The maximum speed can be limited with a small switch at the fan hub. Within the selected mode, the speed is controlled automatically via pulse-width modulation (PWM).

Product image

Liqtech supports all current Intel® and AMD® platforms. The cooler comes in two different sizes with extra thick 120mm radiator (Liqtech 120X) or 240mm dual radiator (Liqtech 240). Liqtech 120X is now available on sale, while the 240mm model will be launched until the end of the year. MSRP incl. VAT: £79.90 Euro for the Liqtech 120X (ELC-LT120X-HP) and Phd Thesis On Culture £109.90 Euro for the Liqtech 240 (ELC-LT240-HP).


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