Sunday | September 25, 2016
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Verizon Selects AMD SeaMicro SM15000 Servers For Its Cloud Services

Verizon Selects AMD SeaMicro SM15000 Servers For Its Cloud Services

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  • Virtual machine server provisioning in seconds, a fraction of the time of a legacy public cloud;
  • Fine-grained server configuration options that match real life requirements, not just small, medium, large sizing, including processor speed (500 MHz to 2,000 MHz) and DRAM (.5 GB increments) options;
  • Shared disks across multiple server instances versus requiring each virtual machine to have its own dedicated drive;
  • Defined storage quality of service by specifying performance up to 5,000 IOPS to meet the demands of the application being deployed, compared to best-effort performance;
  • Consistent network security policies and procedures across the enterprise network and the public cloud;
  • Strict traffic isolation, data encryption, and data inspection with full featured firewalls that achieve Department of Defense and PCI compliance levels;
  • Guaranteed network performance for every virtual machine with reserved network performance up to 500 Mbps compared to no guarantees in many other public clouds.

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