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Tuesday | May 31, 2016
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Headset Roundup December 2013

Headset Roundup December 2013

Headset Roundup December 2013

Over the past few months we have seen a wide range of headsets released by the significant players in that market. In fact a busy November/December is becoming a regular busy release period for headset manufacturers and our coverage began with some "standard" models like the Dracco Captain from Tt eSports, aimed at the enthusiast gamer and continued on through the unique and impressive SoundBlaster Evo. But which would we choose for our own use?

Here we round up some of the best headsets of the last few months, if you are a gamer, mobile user, console enthusiast or just want a headset that’s good for everything then this is the place to start.

1) Best for Console: Turtle Beach PX4


Also available in HD on YouTube

Kaeyi reviewed the PX4 on the PS4 and found it to be a hugely impressive headset, which is also compatible with older machines. Is there anything better for console? We don’t think so.

2) Best for PC (Surround/Gaming): Roccat Kave 5.1 XTD


Also available in HD on YouTube

Surround sound. Check. Built in soundcard. Check. Speaker pass through. Check. Ability to answer phone calls through the headset when gaming. Check. Smartphone control. Check! What more could you want?

3) Best for PC (Stereo/Gaming/Music): Sennheiser G4ME One

Sennheiser G4ME One Review

Stuart has long been using Sennheiser headsets in day to day use for this site and this new revision takes them to the next level in terms of design. This is the headset used by Eidos to create their games and if an open design isn’t to your tastes then Dave Chaos reviewed the closed alternative here…

4) Best Wireless: Corsair 2100


Also available in HD on YouTube

We all love wireless technology. When it is done right, as it is here by Corsair, then it serves to improve our experience. Want to keep chatting with your team/guild mates while AFK… or listen to your music library while doing housework? This is the headset for you…

5) Best Mobile: Turtle Beach Ear Force i60

Turtle Beach i60 Review

Making their second appearance in our roundup Turtle Beach go all out on style and build quality with the i60. Designed for iDevices primarily it backs up the excellent design with some impressive audio quality.

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