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Interview with Natasha Sampson-Todd from AMD Product Marketing, Memory Products-hh0

Interview with Natasha Sampson-Todd from AMD Product Marketing, Memory Products-hh0

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Write A Comparative Essay Interview with Natasha Sampson-Todd Product Marketing, Memory products for AMD

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For our readers, could you explain a little about AMD Radeon RAMDisk? Assignment Synonyms Custom Essay And Dissertation Writing Service It
The main benefit of using Radeon™ RAMDisk is the accelerated loading of large files and/or applications that allows gamers to be a part of the action faster than their opponents in a multi-player or single-player mode.

Do you have any examples of the type of increased performance a user could expect?

Each time a game comes out we do our best to ensure we create a test environment that shows off real world results without the fluff.  With a game like Battlefield 4, we’ve seen up to 1.9x faster loading in single-player mode with RAMDisk vs using a hard drive.  We used one of many checkpoints and tested the load time on a single-player map and did a similar test from a checkpoint on a multi-player map with results of 2x faster loading than an HDD.* I could list off many of the performance advantages but it’s much better to try it for yourself.  The biggest performance gains are more likely seen with games that have larger maps and files to load.

We hear a lot of questions and comments as to why anyone needs a RAMDisk since SSDs are already fast.  With Radeon™ RAMDisk there is no worry of fragmentation and wear and tear but with SSDs the likelihood of this occurring is much greater.  Using a RAMDisk is a great way to reduce these potential issues and increase the longevity of an SSD by pushing constantly written tasks to the RAMDisk.  It’s definitely an investment that will pay for itself over time.

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We have a freeware that allows users to download up to 4GB.  If you need more we’ve got you covered.

    • Standard Edition up to 12GB – $9.99USD
    • Gamer Edition up to 24GB  – $12.99USD
    • Multimedia Edition up to 32GB – $14.99USD
    • Pro Edition up to 64GB – $18.99USD

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*System specs for testing Battlefield 4 testing: AMD FX8350 at 4GHz, 32GB DDR3 Memory, GPU AMD Radeon™ HD 7970, HDD WD2500KS-00MJB0 250GB SATA DRIVE (7200 RPM), Windows 7 RTM 64-bit, AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk 64GB v4.3.0.

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