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Before we discuss our experience with the soundbar, here are the key specifications of the unit: Letter For College Admission Amplifier
Output power: 28 Watt RMS
Power distribution: 7 Watt x 2 + 7 Watt x 2
Harmonic distortion: < 0.3% 1W 1kHz
Frequency response: 40Hz – 70kHz
Signal/noise ratio: > 80dB
Seperation: > 50fb
Input sensitivity: 500mV
Nominal impedance: 4 ohm
Crossover 350Hz
Tweeter driver type: 2.5"
Tweeter rated power: 10 Watt 4 ohm
Bass driver type: 3" x 2
Bass rated power: 15 Watt 4 ohm
Frequency range: 30Hz – 75kHz
Power supply: AC 220V – 240V ~ 50Hz 210mA
Fuse: T400mAL250V An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge Essay User Experience
After unboxing the S325 it is clear that the build quality of the chassis is decent. It feels solidly built with a good weight. The panels on the back are secured well with a decent number of screws and the inputs all feel solid, like they will last a significant number of connections and reconnections.

Microlab S325 LED lights

It is good that Microlab have provided a set of mounts as standard but that said the LED display on the front feels a little low tech, or old fashioned… but that may appeal to some. Adding a feel of this being a little rough around the edges we found that our battery for the remote was either dead, or the wrong model (a CR2032) from a motherboard fitted fine and worked great and we noted that there were some inaccuracies on the product website and documentation.

Use of the soundbar is pretty straight forward, using the buttons on the unit or the remote but we did note that settings were not retained between power off/on. In a way that is a minor issue but it becomes a larger problem as the soundbar does need tweaking for the best experience. At its default levels the bass to heavy and sound generally muddy. Dropping the bass to -3 and boosting the treble to +4 or so helps a lot. There was a distinct lack of middle in the sound though which for music is an issue but watching TV or a movie is less of a problem. Voices sound fine and the extra power from the bass is noticeable in action sequences.

In terms of value, the S325 scores well. It sells for around £50 which makes it accessible for those looking to replace the sound on their existing display. Master Thesis Ad Hoc Networks Summary
With good build quality and a decent set of inputs the S325 at £50 offers an accessible alternative to built in sound. That said it is not multipurpose and does far better with media which focuses very much on voice and bass than more rounded sound.

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