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TP-Link 8-port Power over Ethernet Gigabit Switches Review

TP-Link 8-port Power over Ethernet Gigabit Switches Review

TP-Link 8-port Power over Ethernet Gigabit Switches Review
TL-SG1008P and TL-SG1008PE Network Switches Buying Written Term Papers

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TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch with 4-Port PoE Hw Kids

TL-SG1008P boxTL-SG1008P box Dissertation Poesie

TL-SG1008P protection TL-SG1008P bundle What Is The Introduction Of An Essay

TL-SG1008P front TL-SG1008P rear

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TL-SG1008PE box TL-SG1008PE box
TL-SG1008PE protection Ramesh Johari Phd Thesis

TL-SG1008PE bundle

TL-SG1008PE front TL-SG1008PE rear

TL-SG1008PE fan TL-SG1008PE vent

Again, because of the rackmount form factor, we see the power supply unit moved inside the switch with just a mains lead used to bring power to the device. We also have a small 40mm fan fitted which expels air to the side, helping cool the power circuits and unit itself.

All eight of the available ports on the rackmount model are PoE enabled, with the same overload/priority protection but now with a maximum output of 30w per PoE port.

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Performance of both switches in our small office network were on par with the existing NETGEAR switch the GS108e. The switches are unmanaged and require no configuration they simply dropped straight into our infrastructure with no problems and operated flawlessly.

The SG1008P has the advantage of being a silent unit with no active cooling and a much smaller form factor. The PoE functionality means we have a more traditional power unit rather than some of the smaller plug transformers switches without PoE use; given the extra power requirements this was to be expected. Looking to the SG1008PE the internal power supply means we have a less cluttered exterior when used as a desktop model but the active cooling fan and large size mean for desktop use we would recommend the ‘P’ version instead.

With the ‘PE’ version being rackmounted, it would have been nice to see wall mounting holes on the base of the ‘P’ this is a simple addition and hopefully one we’ll see in the future on switches such as this from TP-Link.

Given the cost of the switches they are only really feasible if you fully intend to make use of the PoE ports, if PoE isn’t a requirement for your network at the moment then you’d be far better off looking at the other range of TP-Link switches that doesn’t offer this feature as they will cost considerably less. That considered we found the TP-Link switches typically came in around £20-30 cheaper than their equivalent from competitors, so if you’re in the market for PoE these are excellent choices.

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Where to buy… TL-SG1008P Switch
UK Store – £56.50
USA Store – $92.68

Where to buy… TL-SG1008PE Switch
UK Store – £100.49
USA Store – $174.62

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