Cyberpower Infinity Achilles Pro GT System Review

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CyberPower Infinity Achilles Pro GT System Review

Cyberpower Infinity Achilles Pro GT System Review

We would all love to be able to build our own high performance PC from scratch but there can be many barriers that prevent this. Time and knowledge being two of the key aspects which may hold people back. Cyberpower offer consumers the option of having a high performance custom built PC system, using the latest components, but built and delivered ready to go by experts. Today we take a look at their Infinity Achilles Pro GT system which features Core i5 CPU and Radeon 290X graphics.

Packaging and Bundle

Achilles Pro GT boxAchilles Pro GT bundle
Achilles Pro GT packagingAchilles Pro GT packaging

Cyberpower send the system in a large plain cardboard box Inside we find a second box, the one for the chassis, surrounded by air pockets along with the motherboard box. All of the components, like that motherboard, are quality, branded, retail parts and inside its box we find the various extra cables and documentation that were left over at the end of the build. Upon opening the chassis box we find the system suspended in foam within and wrapped in a plastic bag. Then we see that the main chamber is packed with more air bags to ensure the components remain in place during transit.


Achilles Pro GT frontAchilles Pro GT top
Achilles Pro GT rear

For the Infinity Achillies Pro GT the default case used is the NZXT 410, a white and black chassis which has some very unique styling. We can of course choose from a range of other cases during the configuration process. The front of the case has a door which opens to reveal the Blu-Ray and DVD-RW drives and at the back we can see a reasonably standard layout, though note the sticker on the PSU which warns that we should empty the bags from the main chamber before powering on.

At the top of the case we find a fan speed selector (Low, medium, high) which allows us to quickly change the speed of the system fans and between that and the two 3.5mm audio ports are 2x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0. The power/ reset buttons and status LEDs are on the front left corner.


Achilles Pro GT components
Achilles Pro GT rear wiringAchilles Pro GT drives

Upon opening the system we see that Cyberpower have created a very tidy build. The wiring both front and back is well routed and tied with the cooler tubing following a sensible route. Speaking of that cooler, it is a Corsair H100i. Powering the system we have a Corsair CX750M PSU and to its right the Plextor M5M SSD (256GB) and 1TB Seagate Barracuda storage drive.

Component info

All of the above items are the default configuration for this system and the same can be said of the quad core CPU (i5-4670K) which Cyberpower overclock to 4.4GHz, 8GB of Kingston HyperX DDR3-1600, Gigabyte Z87X-SLI and Radeon 290X (based on the reference design). Of course we can upgrade to an i7 during the purchase process if we wish, or add different/more GPUs and memory… essentially any part can be tailored to our needs/budget.


Cyberpower install Windows 8.1 along with the key drivers before sending out our system and then leave the rest of the configuration to us. Also worthy of note is that because Cyberpower use retail parts for their builds we get a fully functional BIOS (including saved profiles) rather than the limited custom versions that some manufacturers would use.

All of this is backed by a 3-year warranty and we have access to phone/email support as well as a customer forum if needed.


If you want to see all our performance results for this build including the likes of Battlefield 4, Media, power use and thermals, click here for the next page.

So overall, how did we find the Infinity Achilles Pro GT? Very good would just about cover it… obviously the experience with Cyberpower starts with the order process. That happens, usually, through their website and it is nicely set out and easy to follow. Where some of the competition just list cases Cyberpower show us images of each which is hugely useful  and they make it clear how much each change will cost as well as how we can qualify for free items such as headsets, games and the like.

As we noted earlier in the review the components used by Cyberpower are all quality branded parts. The type of items the average enthusiast would buy to make their own build. Additionally the price quoted is competitive, especially given the warranty length. We were also very pleased with the tidiness of the build and cable management.

In terms of performance we have a system which does exactly what we would expect. The 290X is one of the fastest cards around and allows us to game at 1920×1080 with maximum detail. The Plextor SSD has won awards on this very site and the CPU, with its Cyberpower overclock, breezes through desktop, media and productivity tasks with ease. We were also pleased that temperatures were fine and that the PSU provided as standard had plenty of free capacity for future updates.

In the end a pre-built custom system is what your component choice and budget allow it to be but Cyberpower give us confidence through their website, build quality and support options that the system should perform at an optimal level for some time to come.

Recommended Award
Where to buy…
UK Store from £1299

If you want to see all our performance results for this build including the likes of Battlefield 4, Media, power use and thermals, click here for the next page.

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