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Sunday | May 29, 2016
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XFX TYPE01 Bravo Case Review

XFX TYPE01 Bravo Case Review

On First Page2. The Case

XFX Type 01 Bravo Case Review

XFX TYPE01 Bravo Case Review

Over the past decade or so XFX have built up a great reputation for producing exceptional graphics cards and power supplies. They dabbled in motherboards for a while too, but the core business has remained the GPUs and PSUs (with the odd flurry into monitor stands and the like). Recently though XFX launched their first range of PC chassis. Today we have the Type01 Bravo case on our test bench and will find out how XFX have done at creating an enthusiast chassis.

Packaging and Bundle

XFX Type01 Case boxXFX Type01 Case packaging
XFX Type01 Case bundle

XFX package their case in a large brown cardboard box which gives a basic image of the case along with some information on its features. Inside we find the case wrapped in a polythene bag and suspended in foam, strengthened by cardboard.

XFX bundle the usual items such as manual, screws and cable ties and also provide multiple drive bays in two styles, one for 3.5" and one for 2.5" devices.

Before we begin…

XFX XTR 550 Power SupplyXFX XTR 550 Power Supply
XFX XTR 550 Power Supply
XFX XTR 550 Power SupplyXFX XTR 550 Power Supply

Before we take a look at the Type01 it is worth taking a moment to glance at the PSU we will be using in the build today. This is a unit from the new XFX XTR range, the XTR550… which unsurprisingly is a 550w unit. It has gold certification in efficiency, a fully modular design and hybrid fan operation where the PSU will remain silent at low loads and only spin up the fan when required.

The cables provided by XFX are all flat, other than the 24-pin power and it arrives well packaged and with a tag attached which tells us it has been inspected before leaving the factory. Other key features are Haswell compatibility, true wattage guarantee (including at 50°C), 105°C Japanese Capacitors, SLI/Crossfire compatibility, 6 protection types and a 12v rail rated for 45A.

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