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ZOTAC ZBOX Nano AQ02 Plus Mini PC Review

ZOTAC ZBOX Nano AQ02 Plus Mini PC Review Phd Thesis Defense Procedure

ZOTAC ZBOX Nano AQ02 Plus Review

ZBOX AQ02 boxZBOX AQ02 bundle

ZBOX AQ02 topZBOX AQ02 base Merit Pay For Teachers Essay

ZBOX AQ02 internal Online Homework Chemistry

CPUz and GPUz settings Corrig Dissertation Philosophie Terminale

Essay Writting Canada The ZBOX does not arrive with an OS installed. We added Windows 8.1, the latest patches and drivers then tested the following. Economics Research Papers

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In our first two tests we decided to take a look at gaming on this low power system with the aim of running at 1280×720 resolution (similar to the Xbox). With Call of Duty this was almost achievable with Very Low detail, though many would want to tweak the settings further. With DOTA 2 we were able to retain high settings which was ideal and although there were drops to as low as 20fps, on a game engine like this it isn’t really an issue. Really though the AQ02 is designed to be a system for daily use on web surfing, productivity and media. It does the first two fine, breezing through desktop use, email and browsing. To establish the media performance we ran two tests, conversion of 2CDs worth of lossless music to MP3 and playback of 1080p. In the first test the ZBOX completed the conversion in a respectable 2 minutes 30 seconds. For playback our 1080p stream the ZBOX ran with no issue, completely smooth playback with only 10% of the CPU used and plenty free for other tasks.

RRP £424.99 (Plus) or £224.99 (Barebones)


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