Bloody B540 Mechanical Keyboard and TL8A Laser Gaming Mouse Review

On First Page2. B540 Keyboard

Bloody B540 Mechanical Keyboard and TL8A Terminator Gaming Mouse Review

Bloody B540 Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard and TL8A Terminator Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Recently we reviewed a number of products from A4Tech and their Bloody gaming range. The G501 headset, the B120 keyboard and the ZL5A gaming mouse offered good value with some unique features. Today we will be taking a look at more of their latest products and the first is a step up from the keyboard we looked at last time, the B540. It is a mechanical gaming model and pairs nicely with the TL8A from the Bloody ambidextrous gaming mouse range.

Packaging and Bundle

Bloody B540 box Bloody B540 box

Looking first at the B540 keyboard it is supplied in a medium sized cardboard package, which features a large graphic of the keyboard on the front. It also highlights some of the key features of the keyboard on the left hand side. Turning the package over we see another picture of the board along with all the key features of the keyboard highlighted, showing us the critical buttons that deliver this core functionality.

Bloody B540 box Bloody B540 box

The package is a sleeve design, so removing the keyboard box from the outer sleeve we find a jet black box with the familiar red hand print which is the Bloody logo. Opening up the inner box we find the keyboard inside is protected by a plastic bag. The small wrist rest is contained within a separate cardboard box.

Bloody TL8A box Bloody TL8A box

Turning to the TL8A it is supplied in a compact cardboard box which features a large graphic of the mouse on the front cover. There is also a stamp in the top left hand corner, confirming that for this product the ultra-core 3 system is already full activated… more on that later. Turning to the back of the box we find, just like the keyboard, that there is another graphic of the mouse highlighting the key features of the product.

Bloody TL8A box

Like the ZL5A we reviewed before the TL8A package has a flip front cover that when opened allows us to view the mouse as it is held in a clear plastic moulding. The inside front cover also provides us more information on the core system as well as other features of the mouse like the sniper mode and 1-key macro execution.

Bloody TL8A bundle

As is common in recent products a software CD is not provided, instead there is a small card providing us the download address for the control panel. We also receive a couple of Bloody icon stickers and a brochure highlighting the current Bloody product range.

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