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Corsair AX1500i Power Supply Review

Corsair AX1500i Power Supply Review

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Corsair AX1500i Review (Power Supply)

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Corsair AX1500i boxCorsair AX1500i bundle

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Corsair AX1500i side viewCorsair AX1500i side view
Corsair AX1500i rear viewCorsair AX1500i connectors

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Corsair AX1500i internal

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What other stand out features do Corsair offer? First up the PSU and its DSP are capable of compensating on the fly for DC output cable voltage drop. The unit also contains digital interleaved bridgeless PFC (power factor correction) and PWM control which maximise power factor performance with the lowest total harmonic distortion under all loads thanks to an optimised software algorithm. In addition the AX1500i also uses isolated interleaved fix duty half bridge LLC convertors on the 12V/5V rails as well as DC to DC for the 3.3v rail… and those MOSFETs we mentioned earlier, some of those replace the AC input diode bridge rectifier.

Corsair 1500W AXi Power Supply
Voltage +3.3v +5v +12v -12v +5Vsb
Max. Current 30A 30A 125A 0.8A 3.5A
Max Combined Wattage 180W 1500W 9.6W 17.5W
1500 Watts @ 50°C ambient temperature


View performance figures here

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As Corsair are introducing their second generation digital architecture on the AX1500i it gets the benefits of a couple of years worth of experience, testing and real world feedback from the likes of the AX1200i. When we combine this with the already impressive base unit from that older model and the use of high quality components in this unit (right down to a decent level of solder quality) the revised AX1500i becomes a stand out model in the PSU marketplace. It is hard to pick fault on a hardware level, maybe the use of a small USB connector for the Link cable isn’t ideal (something sturdier would be preferred) but that’s about it. On the software side things still are not ideal though, for example it can be a bit quirky on first boot/idle in terms of readings given but usually settles down after any sort of period at load. It is fairly responsive, though a bit clunky, but has pretty much every feature we could need.

When running the AX1500i the first thing that becomes obvious is the low noise. In real world use even with the likes of a high end i7-4960X and the R9-295X running we idled in fanless mode which is great. A period of gaming see’s the fan kick in but the RPM stays low and it is only when we apply a significant overclock and additional GPUs that the RPM kicks in to a noticeable about. That said, the fan used here produces minimal noise and runs far quieter than the average liquid cooler and GPU cooler. Interestingly we did note during our lab testing, rather than real world, that the return to fanless mode did take a little longer than we would have expected, a few minutes at least. Elsewhere the temperature levels were more than acceptable however we did feel the rails were a little loose at low loads but under any sort of stress performance picked up and the AX1500i delivered rock solid performance along with some very nice ripple results. Efficiency did hit the Titanium specification in our test environment which was a nice bonus and as a side note, thinking back to that i7-OC/295X2 real world system, with 3 drives, the liquid cooler, peripherals, 16GB of memory and wifi all connected we were hitting approximately 50% load on the PSU when gaming. So peak efficiency when gaming from this unit.

So that’s it for our initial limited time testing the AX1500i, it will be interesting to see how it performs in some extended testing and should it fluctuate we will update our performance figures. In terms of value though it should come as no surprise that the AX1500i has a hefty price tag and that is unlikely to change any time soon. The level of component inside and the overall design/functionality all combine to create this $449 RRP and that significant price tag is softened a little by 7-year warranty.

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Building an enthusiast/ultra-high end system? Then quite simply this is the PSU for you.

Diamond Award
Where to buy…
UK Store Corsair – £449.99
USA Store Corsair – $449.99


View performance figures here

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