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Cooler Master Silencio 652S Case Review with Seidon 120v Cooler

Cooler Master Silencio 652S Case Review with Seidon 120v Cooler Harvey Mudd Homework Hotline

Cooler Master Silencio 652S Review
inc Seidon 120v Cooler / G650M PSU

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CM Silencio 652S boxCM Silencio 652S packaging
CM Silencio 652S bundle

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CM Seidon 120v box CM Seidon 120v bundle
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CM Silencio 652S front CM Silencio 652S bays
CM Silencio 652S front panel CM Silencio 652S top filter Proquest Dissertations Help With Dissertation Proposal

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CM Silencio 652S inside view CM Silencio 652S inside view

To access the inside of the Silencio 652S we remove two thumbscrews from each panel (The left side supports 180/200mm fan) and we can see the reasonably spacious chamber inside which supports mATX and ATX boards. The 652S can accommodate CPU coolers up to 168mm and graphics cards of 423mm and we have all the usual design aspects such as CPU backplate cut out and rubber lined wiring holes.

CM Silencio 652S psu bay CM Silencio 652S rear exhaust
CM Silencio 652S drive bays CM Silencio 652S drive bays

Down at the bottom left corner of the case is our PSU mount with rubber pads to minimise vibrations between the PSU and case. Looking up the back we find a 12cm fan, identical to the models used on the front and like those it features 4pin to Molex convertors so that we can connect to our motherboard or PSU directly. The optical bays are tool free, like the PCIe slots. Beneath them are four 2.5″ drive bays with expandable caddy and side wall which means we can convert to 3.5″ size. Beneath those four bays are another 3 3.5″ bays with options to install more drives behind the motherboard tray, in the optical bay and at the base of the case. That means that in total we can install 9 3.5″ drives or 10 2.5″. Counting up the fan locations we can fit:

Top: 180/200mm fan x 1, or 120/140mm fan x 2
Front: 120mm Silencio FP 120 fan x 2 (installed; 11±1 dBA, 1200±200 RPM)
Rear: 120mm Silencio FP 120 fan x 1 (installed; 11±1 dBA, 1200±200 RPM)
Side: 180/200mm fan x 1
Bottom: 120/180mm fan x 1
HDD cage: 120mm fan x 1 Newly Qualified Nurse Personal Statement

CM Silencio 652S install CM Silencio 652S install
CM Silencio 652S install CM Silencio 652S install

We start our install by adding in our motherboard stand-offs using the bundled tool to make it as easy as possible. Next we add our motherboard and PSU with plenty of room available. Our SSD screws into the caddy, as do 3.5″ drives and then we begin to think about the 120v cooler install. Cooler Master use a universal bracket for that and we use it to pass four screws through the motherboard. It is worth mentioning that this is a large bracket and despite their being a CPU plate cut-out on the Silencio it wasn’t big enough to fit the plate without issue here. This means that some may find it easier to do this part of the install outside the case.

CM Silencio 652S install CM Silencio 652S install

Next we add our thermal paste and screw the fan/radiator into our case (8 screws total) before securing the CPU block to our backplate screws with four bolts. Next we connect the fan/pump power to our motherboard and the cooler is in place. Finally we add in our GPU and wire the case appropriately.

Notable Test Components:
ASUS/AMD FM2 board/A10-6700 Series APU, AMD/Gigabyte Radeon R9-280X GPU.

Benchmark How To Buy College Papers Conclusion
Starting with the build quality of the Silencio 652S we have a product which feels very sturdy. The steel construction is well put together and each of the plastic sections are of a high standard. Elsewhere there are a lot of nice touches like the easily removable filters, sound proofing material and even that dual top which allows us to switch between maximum airflow and minimal noise with ease. We also get those unique drive bays with their expanding drive holders and plenty of flexibility in terms of the components which can be fitted inside from 10 storage devices to three main radiator locations. That said, given that the entire point of this model is the low noise fans anyone who replaces them is missing the point so they should probably be used with any radiator we install rather than alternate models.

Turning to the Seidon 120v for a moment that too feels well built. We prefer rubber tubing rather than the harder material used here but that is a minor design issue rather than anything significant. The install is decent though and while a more compact CPU brand specific backplate would be ideal the overall install was quick/simple. In terms of performance the Seidon and Silencio combined well to keep our components cool and with minimal RPM all round. This of course resulted in a lower noise build which was enhanced by the foam layer within the case.

That brings us to value where the Silencio 652S retails for around £80-90 and the Seidon 120v for £35. For the latter that is a very attractive price for an all in one liquid cooler and wins it our value award. For the 652S we have a well-built case with plenty of flexibility and no significant issues in terms of design. That mixed with the very low noise Silencio FP 120 fans wins it our recommended award.

Silencio 652S Seidon 120V Cooler
Recommended Award Value Award
Where to buy…
UK Store Silencio 652S TBC
UK Store CM Seidon 120V £34.94
UK Store G650M – £57.90

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