Friday | August 26, 2016
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Cooler Master Silencio 652S Case Review with Seidon 120v Cooler

Cooler Master Silencio 652S Case Review with Seidon 120v Cooler Research Paper On Buyer Behaviour

Cooler Master Silencio 652S Review
inc Seidon 120v Cooler / G650M PSU

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Packaging and Bundle

CM Silencio 652S boxCM Silencio 652S packaging
CM Silencio 652S bundle Data Findings Dissertation

CM G650M box CM G650M fan
CM G650M connectors CM G650M rear

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CM Seidon 120v box CM Seidon 120v bundle
CM Seidon 120v radiator CM Seidon 120v block Compare And Contrast Essay Writing

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CM Silencio 652S front CM Silencio 652S bays
CM Silencio 652S front panel CM Silencio 652S top filter

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CM Silencio 652S rear view CM Silencio 652S base Writing Service Dissertation Live Chat Pay Pal Youtube Smoke Signals Essay

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CM Silencio 652S inside view CM Silencio 652S inside view

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CM Silencio 652S psu bay CM Silencio 652S rear exhaust
CM Silencio 652S drive bays CM Silencio 652S drive bays Distribution Resume

Building Your Resume Front: 120mm Silencio FP 120 fan x 2 (installed; 11±1 dBA, 1200±200 RPM)
Rear: 120mm Silencio FP 120 fan x 1 (installed; 11±1 dBA, 1200±200 RPM)
Side: 180/200mm fan x 1
Bottom: 120/180mm fan x 1
HDD cage: 120mm fan x 1 College Paper Buy

CM Silencio 652S install CM Silencio 652S install
CM Silencio 652S install CM Silencio 652S install

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Custom Essays Canada Starting with the build quality of the Silencio 652S we have a product which feels very sturdy. The steel construction is well put together and each of the plastic sections are of a high standard. Elsewhere there are a lot of nice touches like the easily removable filters, sound proofing material and even that dual top which allows us to switch between maximum airflow and minimal noise with ease. We also get those unique drive bays with their expanding drive holders and plenty of flexibility in terms of the components which can be fitted inside from 10 storage devices to three main radiator locations. That said, given that the entire point of this model is the low noise fans anyone who replaces them is missing the point so they should probably be used with any radiator we install rather than alternate models.

That brings us to value where the Silencio 652S retails for around £80-90 and the Seidon 120v for £35. For the latter that is a very attractive price for an all in one liquid cooler and wins it our value award. For the 652S we have a well-built case with plenty of flexibility and no significant issues in terms of design. That mixed with the very low noise Silencio FP 120 fans wins it our recommended award.

Silencio 652S Seidon 120V Cooler
Recommended Award Value Award
Where to buy…
UK Store Silencio 652S TBC
UK Store CM Seidon 120V £34.94
UK Store G650M – £57.90

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