Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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COUGAR’S First Gaming Mouse Wins Coveted Design Award

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There is also an Aero-Dynamically designed concept behind the 700M as a way to keep your hand cool and Increase the flexibility of moving. The COUGAR engineers thought about air flow thought out the structure of the mouse as passive way of releasing heat coming from your hand. This will help alleviate sweaty palms during intense game play.

Introducing the COUGAR UIX™ System and COUGAR Fusion™

The UIX™ System is integrated software that combines COUGAR peripherals into one application. Whether you are a first-time user or a professional gamer, the intuitive operation system makes it easy to set up edit commands and the most comprehensive features for a better gaming experience.

COUGAR has spent over two years developing this mouse as well as the software itself, designing a more feature rich product than others’ offerings. The goal was to make sure the software is the most simple, complete, comprehensive, and user-friendly system available. COUGAR put a lot of thought about how a user will operate it, including such variables as order, position, and placement. The COUGAR UIX™ software will be ready to download on the official COUGAR website at end of May 2014.

COUGAR Fusion™ is a feature that works in conjunction with The COUGAR UIX™ software that allows COUGAR peripherals to interact together. It includes MR KEY SHARE so you do not need to open the mouse software immediately to begin recording a macro with the mouse. There is also 2-WAY-INSTANT MODE SWITCH, where you hold down the button of the mouse, and the keyboard mode will temporarily switch to another mode. With this function, you can temporarily use the button assignments and macros of the other mode to handle different situations in the game.

The MSRP of the 700M is $84.

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