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DimasTech Test/Bench Table Review

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DimasTech EasyXL Test/Bench Table Review

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Dimastech EasyXL full view

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There are two steps which start our build on the EasyXL, first is the installation of the motherboard stand-offs appropriate for our build. The next is the addition of the PCIe bracket (10slot). The stand-offs screw in without the need for any tool, as does the bracket and it can be positioned across a few cm of tray to maximise compatibility.

Dimastech EasyXL SSD mount Dimastech EasyXL power supply

Past that it is all about what we want to do with our build. The one omission we found is that there is no 2.5″ compatibility by default. For that we need to purchase a 2.5″ to 3.5″ adapter or… make use of the mount used for watercooling pumps as shown above. This allows 2 screws on one drive through complete chance. We also found that switching the PSU mount and the pump mount round offers a better configuration than the standard. Shown above we have the PSU mounted on the right, SSD/pump mount on the left. This is better than the standard config (PSU left, SSD right) as the PSU would normally sit directly underneath the CPU backplate cut-out making cooler changes awkward. With our config there is far better access. Speaking of PSUs, models up to 22cm long are supported, including the latest AX1500i from Corsair which is shown above.

Dimastech EasyXL inside view Dimastech EasyXL cooler

The EasyXL also has support for liquid cooling on either side of the table with DimasTech listing the following compatibility: 420×2 (Fans 140mmx3) – Radiators 120, 140, 240, 280, 360, 420, Black Ice Sr 360 and Black Ice Sr 420 (20mm fan space).

Those radiators should mostly install without issue, internally, due to the fact that we would be cutting tubing to our own specifications. What about pre-built coolers like the Antec Kuhler 1250? It fits… just… but we did need to mount it on the outside of the chassis. Chances are that 12cm factory sealed units would fit more nicely as we would use the 2nd 12cm location and position the radiator so the pipes were at the top, maximising the tubing reach.

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Dimastech EasyXL psu bay Dimastech EasyXL rear exhaust
Dimastech EasyXL GPU

Shown above are a few of the builds we have worked on in the last few weeks using the EasyXL. How did we find it? Well overall it was simple to use and tool-less which is a bonus. The documentation could be a little more in depth but considering this is aimed at enthusiasts/professionals there shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The table itself is very sturdy and really feels like it could take a lot of punishment so should last a considerable time and the high quality can be seen right down to the buttons used which are lovely and the paint finish which was flawless.

Could the EasyXL be improved? Sure. We would mount the PSU away from the CPU as standard, provide some 2.5″ mounts too… and maybe bundle stand-offs that don’t require screws also. The thumbscrews used by DimasTech are good quality but it does add time to have to screw them all in for each build when a stand-off which we rest our board on would be better. (It is possible to buy alternate stand-offs from DimasTech.)

Really though those are minor issues and in our time testing it the EasyXL was able to handle everything we threw at it. The largest, highest wattage PSUs, watercooling, plenty of expansion cards, high end motherboards, factory sealed cooling which shouldn’t work and even crazy stuff like hanging our R9-295X2 radiator over the test bench.

Hugely flexible and well-built with a decent RRP of €179. A well rounded and easy to use product.

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UK Store DimasTech Shop – €179

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