Thursday | September 29, 2016
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Stellé Audio Couture Audio Pillar (Bluetooth Speaker) Review

Stellé Audio Couture Audio Pillar (Bluetooth Speaker) Review

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In terms of build quality the Stelle Audio Pillar impresses from the moment we unbox it. There is nothing plastic, flimsy or lightweight about his unit. The main body of the pillar is solid and while it could potentially get bashed/dented it should take a lot of force to do so and even then, given the thickness, we doubt any internal components would be damaged. There is a decent weight to the unit which keeps it stable on our desk, in addition to the rubber base and the buttons all have a quality feel to them too.

For the setup and functionality there is also a lot to like. We press one button to pair and that’s about it really (along with the usual device options on our phone/tablet). For those who want it even simpler, or more traditional, there is of course that 3.5mm input. The main functions on the pillar are backed by audio/voice feedback which adds a feel of quality to the experience and it is great to be able to charge our mobile device from the speaker rather than needing a separate plug.

All of the above help the Audio Pillar justify its £299 price tag but that can only be completed if it delivers on the performance front. From the battery we didn’t quite get the advertised 15 hours but we did easily exceed 10 hours which is good from a single charge and the range was also decent (50m rated) and so should easily stretch round a normal house.

For audio quality, speakers of this type rarely impress and there is a lot of cheap, low quality rubbish out there. The Stelle Audio Pillar exceeded our expectations in terms of audio quality. It offers loads of bass and a nice clear vocals. It sounds best on acoustic sources, or those with limited instruments where the clarity really shines however is very capable in more demanding situations also. As an added bonus there is more than enough volume available from the unit to provide audio for a reasonable BBQ with friends, and will no doubt impress with its appearance too.

Recommended Award Nazi Teacher Pricing: Stellé Audio £299

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  1. princessbea

    I love my Pillar – I use it every day and it beats my more complicated WiFi connected system!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, always good to hear from people who have experienced the product themselves.

  3. Beep

    My experience exactly, Stuart. I have the Pillar for approx. 6 months and I am impressed by its crisp sound with a decent bass. In my opinion, it beats the competitors in this price range on overall sound quality, battery longevity, durability and design. However, with heavy bass tracks you can expect some distortion on (near) max level. I also find the connection options a bit scant and you can only charge your phone/tablet when the Pillar is plugged in. This doesn’t concern me though, but buyers might take this in consideration. I take the Pillar with me out and about and not a scratch or knick is to be found. It even survived airplane bagage handling!