Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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XFX R9 280 Black OC Edition Graphics Card Review

XFX R9 280 Black OC Edition Graphics Card Review Home Assignments For Kids

XFX Radeon R9 280 Black Edition OC Review

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Starting with the build quality and design of the XFX R9 280 Black OC Edition we have a card which looks great compared to the reference design. The cooler shroud used by XFX is stylish and while we don’t get the LEDs used in some of their cooler the silver flashes will add a little to a windowed build. There are a nice through set of outputs used here and the matt black PCB that XFX use always looks great.

Judging the performance aspects of this card (or any R9 280) is a little difficult as they tend to sit in a price point between the GTX 760 and GTX 770, though closer to the 760. AMD and XFX are also giving a very decent bundle away with the card which we must factor in too. So for that reason we went with the 760 in most of our comparisons and the overall findings were very positive for the Radeon. Throughout our testing the XFX card, with the exception of WildStar, the 280 performed above the 760 (a manually overclocked, to the limit, version). We threw in a GTX 770 too check how it compared and in 3DMark and BattleField 4 the R9-280 was a decent match also. In terms of noise and temperatures, the DD cooler used by XFX is very quiet. One of the quietest Radeon coolers in fact and we never saw the temp go above 67°C during out testing.

As a nice bonus, there will also be some situations where 4K gaming is possible, for example League of Legends, which looks great. 4K video playback and desktop use will also be perfectly fine and we saw a nice little boost in framerate from enabling Mantle on our test system.

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At around the £200/$280 price point the XFX R9 280 Black OC Edition offers good value thanks to a great bundle from AMD (and lifetime warranty from XFX). It allowed us to game at 1920×1080 in the latest games with maximum detail too which is always a great achievement for a mainstream card.

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Where to buy…
UK Store – £179.99
USA Store – $279.99
View performance figures here

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  1. LoccOtHaN

    THX for review 🙂

  2. best designed benchmark site i saw so far 🙂 really good

  3. carli

    whats the voltage on yalls overclock? pleaseee respond Im currently at 1080/1446 this stock voltage. should i keep going its been running firestrike in between me bumping the mhz up

    • From memory there wasn’t any significant change in the voltage.

      • carli

        so you didn’t change voltage at all? I’m trying to go by your oc settings and see when I should stop without changing the core or memory voltage what’s a good stopping point you suggest?

        • HI, no. Basically, with the stock voltage just bump up the speeds in 10-20Mhz steps, test and if it is fine, repeat. When you start to notice issues then back off a few Mhz and all should be well. In my experience the 280 cards don’t benefit much from voltage tweaks… unless you want to extreme cool it.

          • carli

            ok cool! I’ve been running it through firestike between intervals and I haven’t had a hiccup yet currently at 1100/1300. thanks!