Friday | September 30, 2016
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BIOSTAR HI-FI Z97WE Motherboard Review

BIOSTAR HI-FI Z97WE Motherboard Review

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As we noted in the introduction to this review the choice of motherboards available to consumers is massive, even on the new Z97 platform. How have Biostar done in this crowded market? Pretty well actually. They have delivered a board which has good build quality and while it isn’t quite as stylish as some competitor models (something which can also be said of the BIOS/Software) the overall features are decent too.

We get enhanced audio, dual LAN, plenty of PCIe slots in a good arrangement and the new M.2. slot which enhances the performance available on SSDs. Memory support was also good with our DDR3-2666 modules running without issue and the new Devils Canyon/ i7-4790K ran fine also.

When we look at overclocking the board was able to hit the limit of our CPU sample at 4.9GHz on liquid cooling and it compared well with a higher priced Z97 alternative too. We also note that the features and performance were noticeably better than the 990FX platform which is AMDs competitor part. (Full performance figures can be found on page 2 of this article.)

So that brings us to value where the board retails for £99/ $125 which is very impressive for a Z97 board with this feature set. Therefore the Z97WE wins our Value Award.

Value Award

Price: – £99.99

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  1. moabiouz

    Not going to compare it’s design to other brands but at that price, you got everything you need. It has an M.2 too, sweet!