Tuesday | September 27, 2016
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Samsung 850 Pro SSD (512GB) Review

Samsung 850 Pro SSD (512GB) Review

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The 850Pro SSD

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With the 850 Pro we retain the same quality chassis as well as the excellent Magician software and get the benefits of the latest generation Samsung parts inside. And again, as noted earlier, the 850 Pro has a 10-year warranty… the longest SSD warranty on any consumer SSD at the time of writing by some way. A clear indication of how confident Samsung are in the build quality and long term reliability of the drive.

Looking quickly to their RAPID mode, Samsing offer a technology which allows us to boost performance of the drive in synthetic and real world use by utiliising our system memory (up to 4GB) as  high speed cache. The results of this in synthetic tests are good (crazy even in some cases) and in real world use we did see some benefits with the transfer times for large files dropping by a few seconds.

Samsung do note that their new 32 layer 3D V-NAND is capable of significantly higher performance than competitng solutions. That aspect is yet to be proven as the SATA 6GB/s bandwidth is essentially saturated by many of todays drives, including the 850 Pro. What we can say for now is that Samsung manage to squeeze a little extra perfmance out of the bus, meaning this is the fastest SATA based drive that we have tested to date. This includes synthetic benchmarks, load/boot times and intensive operations such as working with HD video in a production environment.

In summary, it is very hard to find fault with the 850 Pro, other than it is limited by the SATA3 interface, so we look forward to seeing any M.2 or SATA Express version should that hit the market.

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