SilverStone Roundup July 2014 – featuring GD09 Case, ST60F PSU and AR02 Cooler

SilverStone Roundup July 2014 – featuring GD09 Case, ST60F PSU and AR02 Cooler

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There was a time a few years ago that Hi-Fi/AMP like HTPC cases were everywhere. That has changed a bit in recent times due to some excellent m-ATX boards allowing builds in compact chassis however there is still something about the home theatre component style of design which can be appealing in certain setups. Today we have a modern take on the HTPC style of chassis from Silverstone, in the form of the GD09. We’ll also be taking a quick look at the 600w ST60F PSU and AR02 cooler as they could be ideal for this build.

The GD09 Case

silverstone-gd09-case-box silverstone-gd09-case-packing silverstone-gd09-case-bundle

The GD09 arrives in a fairly compact box for an ATX chassis. It has a decent image of the case on the outside as well as some specs and then inside the case is suspended in polystyrene and wrapped in a plastic bag. We also get a Silverstone catalogue and then bundled with the case is a manual, all the screws etc that we need and then a set of cable ties.


As for the case itself we have a nice minimalist front panel which is black, just like the rest of the chassis. A Silverstone logo can be seen top right, top left has the 5.25” drive bay and bottom left the front panel connectors. Those are 2x USB 3.0 and 3.5mm audio in/out. Then over on the right we have the power and reset buttons. For dimensions this 0.8mm steel body (with plastic front panel) is 440x170x358mm and weighs 4.2KG.

silverstone-gd09-case-side1 silverstone-gd09-case-base

On the left side of the case we can see two 12cm vents which are dust filtered. These assist the vent on the top of the case, as do the two vents on the right edge. Then flipping the case upside down we find four rubber feet.


Round at the back of the case we find the I/O space and above it 2x8cm fan locations. There are seven PCIe slots to the right with a horizontal one above, ideal for a fan. Then on the right is our PSU location (220mm max).


silverstone-gd09-case-inside silverstone-gd09-case-inside2

Access to the inside of the case is gained by removing two screws on the back edge which then allows us to remove the top. Inside we find a support beam and the drive bay which holds two hard drives or an optical drive and a hard drive. A few screws allow us to remove those components and then we can see that Silverstone install a 12cm (900rpm) fan at the factory.

In terms of component support we can use micro-ATX and ATX boards, 12.2” Graphics cards and 13.8cm coolers.

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