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Corsair HX750i PSU Review

Corsair HX750i PSU Review

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This is a fully modular PSU and the cables used by Corsair are flat with plastic coating. The standard connectors provided on the 750 watt versions of the HXi are:


Also worth noting for the Corsair HX750i or any HXi actually,is the presence of a special cable (shown on the left of the cable image above). This is a custom Corsair cable which allows us to connect our PSU to our motherboard by USB. With that done we can then monitor our PSU using Corsairs software. An alternate cable which is compatible with other Corsair parts is also supplied.


Shown above is Corsairs Link software which you can download from here. Through this we can, amongst other things, monitor our system temperatures and aspects of the PSU (efficiency, output, temperature) as well as configuring the multi-rail mode of the unit and minimum fan RPM.

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The Corsair HX750i uses a matt black finish and like the rest of the range it has a blue colour scheme on the labels. Branding can be seen on the sides with an information sticker on the top. Our base is the location for the 14cm thermally controlled fan which is silent/off up to around 25% load. Also worth noting are the angled corners on the unit which add a little extra style to the product.

Turning the Corsair HX750i round we can see the modular connectors along with the ports for Corsair Link. Also present is an LED and button. These are used to perform a quick test on the fan to confirm it is working correctly without the need to power on the system. When connected to Corsair Link the LED lights green, when connectivity is lost we get red.

Looking a little closer at the specification of this 750w PSU we have a 12v spec of 62.5A on this model and this is a platinum efficiency rated model. Interestingly on the fan front Corsair seem to have taken note of user feedback and this 13.5cm (fluid dynamic bearing) model has newly designed blades which are meant to pass air through PSUs with less noise. They also note in their documentation that care has been taken to select high quality components which have less chance of noise in operation (for example coil whine).

Elsewhere in the Corsair HX750i we get all 105c Japanese capacitors and the unit is designed to give its full wattage at 50c. For protection technology we get the following on this range:

Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Under Voltage Protection (UVP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Over Power Protection (OPP) and Over Temperature Protection (OTP).


At HardwareHeaven we use a custom built test bench, you can find more information on that here.

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3.3v 3.30v 3.30v 3.30v 3.31v
5v 4.99v 5.00v 5.01v 5.00v
12v 1 12.001v 12.001v 12.003v 12.001v
Efficiency 92.6% 93.5% 94.0% 92.9% Essay Writing Visit Zoo Noise Level (PSU Only) 0dBA 20dBA 23dBA 29dBA


Writing Literature Review For Phd Thesis Ambient Temp 25°C
Exhaust Temp 25°C 28°C 39°C 32°C


Oscilloscope AC Ripple (mV p-p) +3.3 +5 +12
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Starting with the build quality of the Corsair HX750i we have a unit which continues the brands high standards. Quality components are found inside the unit, including the 105c capacitors, while the external casing is solid with a nice bit of styling. In terms of other design aspects we have a unit which has some very nice functionality through the use of the analog to digital convertor and as a result, Corsair link. Other PSUs just don’t have the level of configuration and flexibility than Corsair models supporting Link do.

Thinking about the performance of the unit we have some very strong performance on the various rails and very low ripple. The efficiency is right in the top end of the market too and the Corsair HX750i runs noticeably cooler than other 750w models we have tested recently. It is also quieter than those too, thanks to the silent operation at low wattages, and low noise fan at higher loads. To give an indication of the fanless potential, we have a Z97/i7/Radeon R9 system running on the unit right now and for everything but the most demanding tasks (e.g. gaming) the HX750i is a fanless PSU.

So that brings us to value where the Corsair HX750i offers many of the features and performance aspects of the AXi range, but at a lower price point. When we add in the presence of a 7-year warranty and free software it is a very well rounded product.


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