Corsair Voyager GTX USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

Corsair Voyager GTX USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

A couple of weeks ago we reviewed the Corsair Voyager Air 2, a USB 3.0 capable drive which provided 1TB of storage in a 2.5” form factor with the added bonus of wireless functionality. Another recent addition to their product range is the Voyager GTX, a more traditional approach to USB 3.0 storage… and one which Corsair claim is the fastest around. That is the focus of our review today.


The Voyager GTX arrives in a compact cardboard package with some key product info listed and the drive, secured in a plastic container on the left.

The Voyager GTX (128GB)

Vgtxtop Vgtxbase

The Voyager GTX has a casing which is a mix of brushed metal and plastic with removable cap which reveals the USB 3.0 connector (backwards compatible with USB 2.0). It has a black and red colour scheme and the end section which can be used to connect a tie/keyring etc features a red activity LED.  We can fit the cap on the back end of the drive when in use which is a nice touch.

Inside we have 128GB of storage (256GB also available) with an SSD controller (PS3109) which allows us to perform at levels not possible on other drives. Corsair quote 450MB/s read and 360MB/s write with support for TRIM also included. Finally, the device has a five year warranty and weighs just 0.03kg with dimensions of just under 80x30mm.

User Experience and Conclusion





Looking at the synthetic tests first we see that the Voyager GTX is a fast USB drive. It offers read speeds well in excess of our Lexar alternative and peaks higher than it on write too. There is no competition in the comparison with older 2.0 models which are limited to around 35MB/s for read and write. In real world use the file copy operations don’t quite hit the same levels however the speeds are still the fastest we have seen to date from a compact drive.

Speaking of size, this is a small storage drive when compared to the 2.5” models around so it will be easier to transport by far. In the world of USB storage it can still be considered reasonably large though and certainly has the potential to block adjacent USB ports on the back of our system.


Good build quality, impressive performance and priced surprisingly aggressively. A nice mix for those looking at some compact, fast USB storage.

Price: – £89

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