Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Mouse Review Grad School Essays

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In the main configuration screens for the Logitech G402 our first screen gives us access to choose where our profiles are accessed from, or enter the less important settings shown in the last section. By clicking the mouse we move on to the main settings for the mouse. In there we can configure the eight buttons on the mouse as well as tweak the DPI level (or profiles) and report rate. Next up are illumination settings which allow us to set the logo (on, breathing, brightness, timeout) and DPI status. Our final main screen then lets us configure the Fusion Engine between on and off and two handy dials show the impact of the setting for us. Money Can Buy Happiness Argumentative Essay User Experience and Conclusion

So what is this Fusion/Fury feature all about? Well essentially it takes our 4000DPI sensor and accelerates it using an accelerometer/gyro. It’s a reasonable approach to creating a fast mouse and we noted no issues with this approach (You can see more about it here in Logitech’s video). That said those wanting to use the Logitech G402 at the fastest setting will be in the minority. For my use, and everyone else in the office, DPI levels tend to sit in the midrange, or lower… which is where the handy sniper button comes in.

So as far as the enhanced speed goes, it is always better to have a feature and not need it, than need it and not have it. Elsewhere on the mouse we have a set of buttons which have a decent feel to them and for palm and claw grip users the mouse should be comfortable enough. We like the textured surface on top and the weight is good also, light but not too lightweight.

The only significant change we would make to the design would be to change the DPI LED’s. We have four settings and 3 LEDs. So Logitech try to use the three to make four light combinations… if they would just use 4 and the bar fills up the faster/higher you go! On the software front Logitech have an intuitive control panel. It seems a bit silly to have some of the settings in a different interface rather than another “tab” but that isn’t too much of an issue.

So that brings us to value where the Logitech G402 retails for $59.99/£49.99 which is very much midrange for a gaming mouse. What we get is a decent quality body, good performance and a nice software suite. All in all, well worth our recommended award.

Recommended Award

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  1. Logitech still hasn’t learned it’s lesson……
    Add new buttons do whatever….but use the G5 shape.
    Logitech is going to go bankrupt again….