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Roccat use a standard installer for their driver/software and when we then attempt to launch the control panel a window appears informing us that the Firmware will be updated (if necessary). This process happens quickly and easily with only a couple of button clicks required by the user. At the end of the update we simply unplug the mouse and plug it in again to complete the process. With the driver installed and firmware updated we gain access to the mouse settings. This application splits various configuration options into tabs with the first being Main Control. Main Control allows us to change the key functions of the mouse and organise profiles. On the left hand side are sliders for sensitivity, vertical scroll speed and horizontal tilt speed. The right hand column allows us to tweak the DPI settings which are toggled by the function buttons behind the mouse wheel, we have 5 settings available. Double click speed can also be configured and along the bottom of the screen are profile options. We can assign one profile to Windows use and point each at .exe files so that they automatically activate when a game or application is launched. In addition to this we can also load and save profiles, ideal for sharing with friends or team members.

The next tab is Button Assignment and in there we configure two main profiles. The first is the standard assignment for all buttons other than left and right click. These can be given functions from a pre-determined list and it is also possible to record macro’s on each using the inbuilt editor. The Button Assignment screen also allows us to configure the EasyShift[+] button. EasyShift[+] works much like the shift button on a keyboard. Press it along with another button and a secondary function is actioned. In addition to user Macro’s, standard and EasyShift[+] profiles Roccat have also included settings for some of the most popular games such as World of WarCraft.

One of the most interesting and useful screens within the Roccat software is the Advanced Control tab. In here we can fine tune aspects such as sensor alignment and angle snapping. Also present in advanced settings for the Kone Pure Military is lift-off distance and finally we have sound feedback. The Roccat software has a built in voice which sounds when we perform one of four actions with the mouse. Profile Switch, DPI switch, Volume up/down and Sensitivity change are all accompanied with a message from the Roccat voice telling us the change has taken place. The idea with this is that when gaming or in an application we know the change has taken place without having to watch for an on-screen message or switch to the control panel. This should allow people to maintain full focus on their game or application of choice. Worth noting is that the Kone Pure Military also has trophies…

kone-pure-software4 kone-pure-software5 kone-pure-software6

Trophy awards are found in the R.A.D. screen which tracks our sensor and click stats. Next up is the Color Control tab which lets us configure the LED section on the mouse. We can change between fully on, breathing and off with up to 16.8 million colours available. Finally there is the Update/Support tab where we have a button which links out to the download location for the latest driver and a number of support links. One to email Roccat and another for a support form. Roccat also provide a link to their support pages for those who want to do a little searching before contacting technical help. Also worthy of note is that this is a Roccat Talk compatible product which allows us to combine functionality between one of their keyboards and the Kone Pure Military, or even have the same game actioned lighting effects applied.

User Experience and Conclusion


Getting something out there to start with, I have to say that the Roccat Kone XTD is my mouse of choice. I use it every day and before that model I used another Roccat Kone. The shape of the body looks and feels great and the performance is exceptional for my needs. With the Kone Pure Military we get a very similar mouse, slightly more compact, no weight change options and fewer lighting effects but nothing too major is ommited and that is great to see. The finish is just as good, braided cable still present and the buttons high quality, as is the sensor technology.

Stopping to look at the Sense pad for a second we have a gaming surface which feels lovely, sticks really well to my desk and provides a low friction glide. For anyone using this on a wood desk we get a really solid feeling pad thanks to the 2mm thickness and we noted no tracking issues.

So, back to the Kone Pure Military we have a mouse which performs very well. Some might feel a little limited with 5000dpi, when there are other faster mice out there but really anything above this level will be overkill for the vast majority. At 5000 we were still in full control of our mouse and anything above would probably have been too sensitive for  most uses. Also worthy of praise is Roccats software which offers a nice simple interface with massive amounts of functionality. Profiles can be configured and switched with ease and Easy-Shift+ adds double the options from a decent amount of buttons.

Overall then the Kone Pure Military and the Sense pad with Camo Charge offer a nice combination mixing good performance and functionality with some interesting looks.

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