Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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Zotac GeForce GTX 750 Zone Edition Review -No Fan

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Speaking of specifications, the GTX 750 Zone Edition has a base clock of 1033MHz, boosting up to 1111MHz and our memory is 1250MHz (Elpida GDDR5). A little boost over the reference. The GTX 750 uses a 128bit memory bus and we have 1GB present. Our core config is 512 processors, 32 TMUs and 16 ROPs. All standard for a GTX 750 based product.

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Starting with the design of the GTX 750 Zone Edition Zotac have created a nice looking card. Clearly this product was always going to look a bit different to the average GTX 750 but Zotac have created a cooler which looks decent and would fit in nicely to a system with side window. Big chunks of metal are always good. In terms of build quality there is little to fault. The heatsink feels solid, the PCB and soldering are good quality (black PCB always a bonus) and the use of Elpida memory is pretty standard. The outputs too are spot on for the target market and combined with the DVI to VGA adapter most, if not all, consumers should be catered for.

In terms of performance we did note that the comparatively priced Radeon, a R7-260X, tends to get faster framerates in the games we used. That said, the Zotac GTX 750 Zone Edition is never far off and does offer perfectly playable framerates in most recent games with maximum detail at 1920×1080. Then In key online titles such as League of Legends it breezes through the game with flawless performance. For thermal performance the Radeon edges things again, but of course it has a fan cooler and so runs louder. The Zotac balances the silent operation and temperatures nicely, never going over 83c during our gaming. Also worthy of note is that the GTX 750 uses less power when gaming and that there was a bit of headroom available for some limited overclocking, though anyone doing that is advised to have good airflow in their case to maximise clock rates over time.

That brings us to value where the GTX 750 Zone Edition is set to retail for £95 (other regions TBC). Given its unique design and the fact that buying a GTX 750 then applying our own silent cooler would make it much more expensive that seems a fair price point for Zotac and wins it our value award.

RRP: £94.99


Value Award

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  1. Not bad

    ok, well for half the price, as well as only using half the Wattage, my (older) Radeon HD7750 still comes close to this on performance.
    As far as “fanless” goes, there just doesn’t seem to be many Nvidia cards at the mid-end at all?

    That said, this is certainly a good card, especially for Linux user’s, htpc’s, …