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Super Flower Leadex Gold 650w PSU Review

Super Flower Leadex Gold 650w PSU Review

Super Flower Leadex Gold 650w PSU Review – Packaging and Bundle Where To Buy Spy Software Write Essay My Personality

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One cable : 8pins (4+4pins) EPS/ATX 12V connector
One cable : 8pins EPS 12V connector
One cable : 2 x SATA + 2 x 4pins Molex
One cable : 3 x 4pins Molex + 1 x FDD
Two cables :  4 x SATA
One cable : 2 x 8pins (6+2pins) PCI express connector
Two cables : 8pins (6+2pins) PCI express

Super Flower Leadex Gold 650w PSU Review – The PSU

super-flower-leadex-gold-650w-psu-review-side1 super-flower-leadex-gold-650w-psu-review-side2

Looking at the PSU itself we have a unit which has a matt black finish with discrete branding on the side and top. Turning the unit around we find a specification sticker. In terms of dimensions this is a 200x150x86mm power supply.

super-flower-leadex-gold-650w-psu-review-end1 super-flower-leadex-gold-650w-psu-review-end2

Round at the PSU exhaust we find a completely perforated surface which promotes airflow and present here are an on/off rocker switch, the 3pin mains input and a switch for Auto/Eco… more on that shortly. Flipping round to the end of the PSU we can see that the unit is completely modular and like the ends of the cables our ports are transparent to allow the LED glow to escape from inside. What else can we note about the unit?

It features a 14cm cooling fan and that is where the Auto/Eco button comes in. This allows us to run in low noise mode, load and temperature permitting. Elsewhere we have Japanese 105c capacitors (though not all) and of course the Gold efficiency certification (92%). In terms of the 12v rail we have a rating for 54.1A and all of the usual certifications are present including over voltage, over current, over power, short circuit and under voltage. We also get a range of safety certifications such as BSMI, CE, FCC and so on.

Super Flower Leadex Gold 650w PSU Review – Performance

At HardwareHeaven we use a custom built test bench, you can find more information on that here. College Essays Winning Super Flower 650w @ 40°C Dancing Phd Thesis 160w 325w Dissertation Histoire Exemple 490w 650w
3.3v 3.29v 3.30v 3.30v 3.29v
5v 5.02v 5.01v 5.02v 5.01v
12v 1 12.010v 12.005v 12.005v 12.001v
Efficiency 90.1% 92.4% 92.0% 90.8%
How To Write An Application Letter To Bank Manager Noise Level (PSU Only) N/A 20.5dBA 24dBA 30dBA


Ambient Temp 25°C
Exhaust Temp 26°C 27°C 35°C 36°C Anke Hartung Dissertation Oscilloscope AC Ripple (mV p-p) +3.3 +5 +12
650w 9 10 15

Super Flower Leadex Gold 650w PSU Review – Conclusion

When looking at the Super Flower branding and packaging it might not give the impression that there is a killer PSU inside, but that has turned out to be the case here. Yes there could be a re-routing of some wiring inside the unit, maybe the soldering could be a fraction better and some of the capacitors on the modular board could be changed to a different brand… but other than those minor issues there is little to fault. The PSU looks good with its matt finsh and minimal branding. The LEDs are a nice touch and the cables well made and set out in a useful way (e.g. mixing SATA and Molex on one cable).

Things only improve when we look at performance. Each of the rails offered high end performance, efficiency hit the gold ratings and ripple was exceptional. Noise levels through the hybrid fan design were also good and thermal readings well within the norms for this class of PSU.

The various wattages of the Leadex Gold can be purchased from Overclockers in the UK from around £84, which given the performance and 5-year warranty is more than acceptable.

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