Monday | September 26, 2016
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TP-Link AV500 Review – Software Essay About Me

The first is our Wi-Fi utility which searches for Wi-Fi capable powerline adapters and allows launches a web interface. From that we can configure the Wi-Fi adapter in detail, as well as update its firmware if needed. For standard powerline adapters we have a seperate program.

powerline-soft1 powerline-soft2

powerline-soft3 powerline-soft4

For standard adapters (including the non Wi-Fi adapter in the Wi-Fi kit) we have the TP-Link Powerline Utility. The first screen of the utility gives us some basic info on the local device, the second then lists each of the TP-Link devices on our network and the speed at which our remote devices are connected at. Then in screen three we can configure prioritisation for types of media, if we want. Finally we have the the system tab which allows us to update firmware, reset the local (or all) device and then change the powerline network name.

TP-Link AV500 Review –  User Experience

So, in terms of our overall experience, it was a very positive one with the TP-Link AV500 devices. Set-up couldnt be easier. We plug in the devices and they auto configure and are ready to go within 60seconds. And thats it. Which means we can basically set them up, including all the unboxing and walking to plug them in, within 10minutes. Having the applications are a bonus as they give advanced users the options they may need too. That said, we did note that TP-Link could do with making a unified application for all of their recent devices, with the single latest version available on their site. That would make everyones life easier.

Would we change the design? Probably not too much. It could be useful to have an on/off switch on the front for UK consumers as busy plug sockets could make it harder to reach round to the wall switch and turn off. Maybe we would go with 10/100/1000 ports for future proofing but that isnt really a necessity as the speeds of this kit will outperform most storage drives and home internet connections. And wireless-ac on the Wi-Fi adapter would always be appreciated…but again isn’t essential. In terms of the specifications, the kits are designed to transmit up to 300meters on a single circuit. They support 128-bit AES Encryption and have a data rate of up to 500Mbps over wires. For the Wi-Fi adapter we have wireless-n support with WEP. WPA/WPA2 (and PSK) with 300Mbps speed.

That brings us to support and value. For the former we get a 3-year warranty and 24/7 support which is good. For the pricing, the devices are set at a competitive level and really the only way that value could be improved is a couple of extra RJ-45 cables in each box so we can use both ports on each adapter without needing to order extra cables (even if they are super cheap).

Decent performance, easily enough speedfor home networks/internet connections. Could not be easier to set up. Well worthy of our recommended award.

Recommended Award

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  1. Sandra Mitchell

    I have just purchased this item in the UK. I am puzzled as to why, in this day and age, I have to have my laptop plugged into the TP Link via cable?? What is with the cables? I just wanted to be able to move freely within a room using a laptop or ipad – not be stuck on the end of a 1m cable! Have I got this totally wrong?

    • HI Sandra, before I can properly answer that question I need to ask. Where is your internet connection coming from? Is it phone line? Virgin Media? Also, are you using the modem/router supplied by your internet provider?

      • Luis

        Since she compared the ipad with a laptop, most likely FB and social network kinda stuff.
        So yeah, wireless is for her

        If running a media center or something more…
        ‘complex’, wired is the way

        Thanks for the review
        Long time ago I heard about this project, but didn’t realize they were already in the market.