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Roccat Tyon Review

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Next up is the Color Control tab which lets us configure the LED sections on the mouse. One on the scroll wheel and then another trail which runs round the base of the mouse. We can change between fully on (with flow), breathing, blinking, heartbeat and off with up to 16.8 million colours available.  Also worthy of note is that this is a Roccat Talk compatible product which allows us to combine functionality between one of their keyboards and the Tyon, or even have the same game actioned lighting effects applied.

Finally we have the R.A.D tab which allows us to track the use of our mouse and awards tropies as the stats climb and then we have a support tab for connecting to Roccat and downloading the latest drivers. The latest version of the Roccat software can be downloaded here.

Roccat Tyon Review – User Experience and Conclusion


Starting with the build quality of the Tyon we have a sturdy feeling mouse. It feels solid when we put a lot of pressure on the body and we noted no defects on the finish. Moving the lighting to the bottom edge of the mouse is a nice touch as far as looks go and pale blue mixed with the body colours used here looks great. Upon unboxing the mouse we were a bit disappointed that the sides were textured plastic rather than the soft touch coating used on top however when in use it is barely noticeable.

In terms of the extra buttons, fin and paddle we were a little on the fence. The left/right mouse button extras are pretty standard. it is easy enough to action the first button on each, the ones closest to the front can be a bit of a stretch. The top fin essentially replaces the scroll wheel left/right and in some ways is a little awkward. Where as we can use the end of our left or right click fingers to action the scroll wheel, our first finger (left button) has to move a long way to action the fin. The end of our second finger (right button) is just not suited to this task, unless we hit it with the middle of our finger which like the left feels awkward. Really the fin needed to be further forward to minimise travel time and ease of action for mid finger presses. In our time using the mouse we also accidentally hit the Easy-Shift button on numerous occasions, it certainly is easy to press but the new location means that we accidentally press it when grabbing the mouse. On the plus side when in desktop mode pressing that button on its own does nothing, so it isn’t too much of a problem but in game some may want to disable it. So, the analog paddle (X-celerator). That we like. It isn’t really possible to use it in conjunction with other thumb buttons but the options it opens up for enhanced control are impressive. Here are a couple of examples:

When using the mouse we found the buttons to be a bit more in the soft side than the Kone XTD, and we preferred the feel of the older mouse. That has a very distinct (some would say harsh) click and to us that feels better. For the overall performance though of the Tyon was excellent, both on our own surface and the Raivo which Roccat sent with the mouse. We noticed no tracking issues and the speed and accuracy were top notch. We also love Roccats software/control panel. It is packed with functionality but never becomes confusing. Each screen is intuitive and within minutes we can have the mouse configured perfectly for our needs.

We don’t feel that Roccat got the design of the Tyon spot on, which they did with the Kone XTD, however the performance can’t be faulted. That mixed with the interesting options that X-Celerator opens up means it wins our performance award.

Performance Award

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  1. It looks like a very good mouse. I would rather have it a texture plastic on the top too instead of the rubberised/soft thingy, cause they are a bitch to clean.
    Still, no mouse is perfect.
    The softer click on the buttons hopefully translates to a quieter click too.
    The analog controller is a great idea.
    Is the driver/software one of those that require the PC to be online to work? Or was that just a Razer thing?
    It looks like a solid product, thank you for the review.
    The softer click on the buttons hopefully translates to a quieter click too.
    The analog controller is a great idea.
    Is the driver/software one of those that require the PC to be online to work? Or was that just a Razer thing?

  2. How can I use the buttons for world of warcraft? .-.

  3. One of the most interesting options on the market in my opinion.
    Nice review!

  4. Tesbux

    Hi, I’m writing because lately I’ve troubles with this mouse and software because I save the profiles and then load them but randomly it seems to forget them and it turns to default. What am I doing wrong? Please Help!