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Corsair Gaming M65 RGB Review (Mouse)

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB Review (Mouse)

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Corsair Gaming M65 RGB Review – The Mouse

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Corsair Gaming M65 RGB Review – Software Writing Quality Service Standards

Moving to Actions at the top of the screen allows to configure Macro commands and then Lighting gives us more advanced control over that aspect. Solid, gradient, ripple and wave are all available to configure. Then we move on to settings which allow us to manually check for firmware updates, set our language and OSD options as well as contact support. It is also worth noting that if you have more than one peripheral from Corsair Gaming, they will all appear and be configured thorough this single application.

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB Review – User Experience and Conclusion


Before we get started on the mouse it is worth taking a few moments to go over the software side of things. Overall the Corsair utility does the key tasks reasonably well and it does look decent. We also like that it controls multiple components rather than needing software for each, however try to do anything more complex and it lacks the intuitive nature of competing solutions. This was something we noted in our recent RGB keyboard review and it applies here too. Essentially Corsair Gaming need to work on a more simple way to let the user configure their device, or maybe even go as far as to walk them through the key steps when first launched.

Moving to the mouse itself we were very pleased with the overall build quality of the mouse. The top ruberised surface provides plenty of comfort and traction, the textured sides, plenty of grip and the metal base offers stability as well as a decent weight. That can be tweaked of course but overall for us it was ideal right out of the box. The LED lighting adds some style to the mouse, and we really like how the heel illuminates but the scroll wheel LEDs could do with being brighter, or placed slightly differently as they are not as visible as we would like.

The positioning of the sniper/DPI button is ideal for our hand and the other thumb buttons are easy to action, though could do with being a touch larger we feel. Elsewhere the mouse tracks well and DPI changes are instantaneous, which is ideal. Continuing the suggestions for very picky, minor tweaks we would like a little bit of extra resistance on the right button before it actions but otherwise the buttons give decent tactile and audible feedback.

Summary: Still some development needed to make the software easy to use for novice users however the M65 RGB has great build quality/design and impressive performance.

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