Sunday | September 25, 2016
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QPAD MK-70 Review (Keyboard)

QPAD MK-70 Review (Keyboard)

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QPAD MK-70 Review – User Experience and Conclusion

Buy Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra oem Starting with the build quality of the MK-70 we have a very solid feeling chassis. There are no issues with flex and all of the surfaces resist pressure well. We might add some rubber feet to the back edge of the board for added stability on the desk in extreme situations however the standard feet should be fine. The finish on the board is great, we love that matt surface which should be durable and will not mark with fingerprints anywhere as badly as glossy boards do. The braided cable is nice to see and the gold plated connector is always a little bonus while the keys are machined and etched well, so overall very good.

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  1. Jason

    If you look at the screenshots and layouts of the QPAD MK-70 and the FUNC KB-460, bar key logo’s and a slightly different top-plate they are basically the same KB underneath – clearly made in the same factory
    They both retail at the same price, whilst Missing from the QPAD, The FUNC has programmable keys, windows key disable and 2xUSB ports yet is only ‘recommended’ not given a ‘performance award’ like the QPAD, (& those extra features cost a lot more on upmarket QPAD’s)
    I know it’s been 12 months for the Author – and probably as many keyboard tests - but consistency seems lacking – just a thought
    But if you won’t use the extra functions and prefer blue to red lighting it’s still one of the cheapest ways to get Cherry reds Go Mechanical – you won’t go back

  2. Performance is lower than Recommended… well, kind of. Recommended has more plus points, performance is all about the key aspects being good.