Thursday | September 29, 2016
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Razer Deathadder Chroma Review – User Experience and Conclusion

As we stated earlier in the review this is not the first Deathadder that we have reviewed. In fact it has been over 7 years since we first saw one…long enough ago that we have actually archived the content! That mouse is still going strong and while the sensor DPI is quite low by today’s standards it is an otherwise excellent mouse which is still supported by Razers Synapse control panel. That says a lot for durability and customer support!

Speaking of durability, that old mouse has one issue. The surface, which was all soft touch at one point, has worn off in places. So while we are a little disappointed that Razer have moved away from that finish in recent products, to the matt plastic and rubber sides found here, we can see why they would do that. The finish here should wear better than the older model.

Razer stick with Omron switches on this model, calling them Hyperesponse, and overall they have a good feel. The activate with minimal force, without being too sensitive, and give a nice tactile click. The thumb buttons are well placed and easy to activate too and really the only thing we would add to the mouse is a new DPI switch. Not to flick through profiles but to activate sniper mode. With 10k DPI available to us it would be good to have a button dedicated to temporarily dropping to a lower level. Speaking of the sensor and DPI. For us, few people if any, will use that 10k setting but it is better to have too many options than too few. We stuck around the 6000dpi mark on our 4k display and at that setting it was responsive, tracked smoothly and was completely accurate at all times.

The software provided by Razer is also of a high standard. We have long been fans of Synapse due to its intuitive and responsive design. That remains the same here and we continue to appreciate the ability to configure multiple Razer devices from within one panel, as well as the fact it auto updates and provides cloud sharing of settings.

Summary: The Razer Deathadder Chroma is competitively priced and brings a high level of performance and style to a proven, durable design.

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