Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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Cougar 200M Review Featuring 200K

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Cougar 200M Review Featuring 200K – Packaging and Bundle

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Cougar 200M Review Featuring 200K – The 200K

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Cougar 200M Review Featuring 200K – User Experience and Conclusion

When creating budget peripherals there are so many ways that a manufacturer can try to balance their design, features, performance and quality. In the case of the 200M and 200K we feel that Cougar were right to start their process with the removal of software support. These are plug and play devices with everything handled on-board. That works well on the 200K which due to more buttons has notable control over key features however on the 200M we would have likes an option to alter the DPI options… having said that, this wouldn’t be an issue if the pre-sets were a little more spread out. Maybe 400/1200/2000 rather than 800/1600/2000.

Other than that, and looking at the 200M specifically we feel Cougar have got the balance pretty much right. The mouse feels much higher quality in the hand than the value price would suggest and the presence of a braided cable, gold plated USB, LEDs and Omron switches is great. Two thumb buttons is an added bonus and the mouse really does track well, with that soft touch coating and low friction base offering a nice experience in longer gaming sessions.

The 200K feels much more like a value product and will very much split opinion. you either like low profile scissor keys or you dont. If you are in the “like” camp then the 200K offers some decent features for an entry level board. A surprising amount of backlighting, key media and gaming features (WASD swapping, Windows key lock) and it feels sturdy on the desk. Its a shame this doesn’t match the braided cable, gold USB of the 200M but that isn’t in any way a deal breaker.

Summary: As far as entry level gaming products go, Cougar have done fairly well at providing interesting options for gamers on a budget. The 200M stands out as being a product with high build quality for this area of the market with the 200K offering some nice extra features for its product type.

Value Award

Mouse and Keyboard available from CCL.

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