Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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Enjoy the ARCTIC Silence – with the new Accelero S3

Enjoy the ARCTIC Silence – with the new Accelero S3

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Distribution Electrical Paper Powe Study Thesis •Patented back side cooler lowers RAM and VRM temperature
•Unmatched cooling performance – up to 200 Watts with Turbo Module
•Cools even demanding boards completely passively
•Installation without thermal glue
•Absolutely silent

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  1. Xploited Titan

    GTX660? Demanding? Clearly development of graphics cards went too fast and they got left behind.

  2. IvanV

    Xploited, the key word is “passive”. What is the latest, strongest passively cooled graphics card available in the market? AFAIK, it’s the R7 250. This cooler raises that to a 260X, which is actually more than twice as powerful and a viable gaming solution. That’s passive. Add a fan to it and you can cool an R9 285. That does mean that you won’t be buying this to replace the stock fan on an R9 290(X), which is kind of disappointing, because I thought that this would be a high end part.

  3. Jason

    Found it for £34.99 at amazon