Sunday | September 25, 2016
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Samsung T1 Review (Tiny 1TB Portable SSD)

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Samsung T1 Review – User Experience and Conclusion

Everyone who saw the product launch of the T1 at CES will be aware that the size of this drive really created a lot of buzz… actually seeing it in the flesh still comes as somewhat of a surprise though. Its crazy small and even more surprisingly, really, really light. In fact its comparable in weight to the short USB 3.0 cable which Samsung bundle.

Speaking of USB 3.0, the port (something which is always a worry on compact USB drives like this) feels fairly solid so well done to Samsung on that front. The casing also feels solid and it should take some punishment. Setup was fine also, plug and play really. Unless you want to go through the security setup which takes no more than a few seconds. Once thats done, it acts like any other drive.

On the performance front we can have no complaints, the drive exceeded the other fast USB 3.0 models we have to hand and in real world use the ability to transfer over 1gb of data in 3 seconds, or 4gb in less than 20 is fantastic. It really does make this a drive which is suitable for significant storage on the move. For the higher capacity model that does come at a price, as expected, but the 250GB model is relatively affordable for the class of drive.

Summary: Nice design, crazy light… very, very small and no compromises on capacity or speed. The Samsung T1 wins our gold award.

Gold Award

Available from Overclockers.

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  1. micheal

    Nice write up. I just ordered mine on by i the way i think amazon is still running what the call cyber week .

  2. Nice write up. I just pre ordered mine it will be released on january 25 i can’t wait 🙁 by the way i think Amazon is still running what they call Cyber week.