Monday | September 26, 2016
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LEPA launches its flagship case- Lenyx

LEPA launches its flagship case- Lenyx

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Lenyx panels are covered with Soft-Grip coating*1, giving users the smooth texture and protection from fingerprint stains. The symmetrical lineation presents a simple yet graceful style. The pre-installed dual 200mm fans with blue LED illumination enhance the outlines. Furthermore, an EZ slide door in the front panel can be moved to cover ODD bays.

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Among full tower PC cases, Lenyx offers great flexibility of expansion for users to build their rigs. It can support
E-ATX sized motherboards, four dual slot 360mm VGA cards and up to dual 490mm VGA cards by removing the upper HDD cage. Moreover, Lenyx caters for various drive spaces: three 5.25” drives, six 3.5” drives (one from 5.25” bay converter) and eight 2.5” drives (five converted from 3.5” drives, two from 5.25” drives and one behind motherboard plate).

Phd Thesis Word Count Essay On War Lenyx’s unique compartment structure allows it to install two extended length liquid coolers with 60mm height clearance. A 240/280/360mm length liquid cooler can be installed under the roof and one 240mm can be installed at the bottom. A 120/140mm fan/liquid cooler can be installed on the rear. In addition, it offers a maximum of seven fan slots. Combined with front and top panel vents, Lenyx provides outstanding airflow and excellent cooling performance. It is also complemented with two 200mm LED fans and one 140mm fan. Ghostwriter Means Buy Sony Sound Forge 10 oem Lenyx provides a luxurious top I/O port and offers three USB 2.0, two USB 3.0, and one super charge port along with HD Audio ports. The super charge port, compliant with the most updated BC specification 1.2, can support up to 2.4A so that users can charge their smart phones or tablets. Lenyx also comes equipped with a 3-level fan RPM controller, which can be used to adjust three fans at once.

The RD team of LEPA always pursues excellence to produce both innovative and practical products. Lenyx features various user friendly designs. A magnetic headset holder can be easily moved and attached on the metal side panels. Users can also easily adjust this case’s position with a sturdy metal handle on the rear roof. Lenyx also provides a 2.5” drive hot swap bay with cover and quick removal top panel for easy installation.





Lenyx is an exclusive full tower computer case with both functionality and aesthetic. For more detailed information, please visit Lepa.

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