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AMD FreeSync Review Featuring LG 34UM67

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There is one button on the display and it is on the underside, just below the front LG logo and offers multiple functions. Firstly it is power. Tap to turn on or hold to turn off. When on, a quick press brings up a shortcut menu where we discover that the button is actually a joystick of sorts. Left takes us to the main menu, right to picture by picture, down to power off, centre to exit and top to enter game mode which contains presets for various game genres (FPS, RTS). The main menu allows us to configure the finer detail of the display including volume, energy saving, etc.

AMD FreeSync Review LG 34UM67 – Setup


Setting up FreeSync is a three step process, at least on the LG 34UM67, and it begins with connecting via a DisplayPort cable. Next, on LG, we enter the OSD and enable FreeSync.

f1 f2

With FreeSync enabled (and assuming we are using Catalyst 15.3 or newer) the driver will popup a message asking us to configure the feature. We click configure, we then tick Enable. Done!


For the purposes of the review, and we hope that AMD release it for consumers, we were given the test utility shown above. It is a  nice easy way to see how the various combinations of FreeSync and VSync change framerates and tearing.

AMD FreeSync Review LG 34UM67 – Performance

Our GPU of choice for this article is Sapphires R9-290X…

sapphire-r9-290x-8gb-vapor-x-oc-review-front sapphire-r9-290x-8gb-vapor-x-oc-review-back

Performance was tested on AMDs 990FX platform (FX-9590) with 2x8GB DDR3-2133, the Radeon SSD and Windows 8.1. All latest Windows updates, drivers and game patches were installed.


For our initial FreeSync test we have focused on F1 2014 using Ultra detail (and 8xAA). FreeSync is not limited to specific games and so the experience transfers from title to title.

Online Homework Creator F1 1920×1080 Ultra Detail


There are four main modes which are available to us and they are created from the on/off status of FreeSync and VSync. they are:

Free on V on – Smoothest experience, refresh rate limited performance. (E.g. 75Hz on LG, up to 240Hz supported by FreeSync)
Free on V off – Benefits of FreeSync up to refresh rate. Framerate not limited so tearing can occur.
Free off V on – Display limited FPS, no FreeSync benefits.
Free off V off – Maximum FPS, no FreeSync benefits

For those who want the smoothest performance the On/On combination is the way to go. Why would we choose FreeSync On, VSync Off? Thats all about getting access to the lowest possible mouse latency. That said, AMD do note that with On/On latency is typical and not worse than a standard display.

AMD FreeSync Review LG 34UM67 – Conclusion

Starting with FreeSync itself, quite simply it works great. Our gaming experience was smooth, we encountered no bugs and no real effort was required to set it up. Could things be improved? Yes but its more about the overall experience. For example, when FreeSync is disabled on the screen (as it is out of the box) the options do not show in AMDs software. It would be good if the software identified that a FreeSync capable setup was present and then walked us through how to enable it… or at least showed the FreeSync section and explained why it may not be configurable.

As for the display from LG. It is an impressive piece of kit. Style wise the display is hugely impressive with its minimal bezel and massive 21:9 aspect ratio screen. The overall quality of this IPS display is exceptional. Sharp and bright with great colour rendition and excellent uniform brightness across the width and height. We really liked the single control button/stick and the OSD is very easy to use. We do feel that LG should enable the FreeSync option out of the box, or at least ask on the first power on if we want it enabled but otherwise there are no issues of note with the display. That said there is one silly issue… this is a FreeSync screen and FreeSync REQUIRES DisplayPort. LG do not bundle a DisplayPort cable, they should.

Summary: AMD FreeSync and LG’s 34UM67 offer an exceptional gaming experience. Smooth, great image quality and a simple setup with the added bonus of competitive pricing.

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  1. FPS higher with FreeSync enabled than with BOTH FreeSync and V-Sync turned OFF? Wait WHAT?

    • Yes. When you have FreeSync ON and V-sync OFF the software lets the card deliver FPS above the refresh rate of the screen resulting in higher performance (but with tearing above the Hz range of the monitor). In that scenario it should deliver pretty similar framerates to off/off though there will be minor changes between benchmark runs.