Friday | September 30, 2016
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BENQ BL3201PT Review

BENQ BL3201PT Review

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BENQ BL3201PT Review – Conclusion

As far as features go, again things are looking good. We have full 100% sRGB mode, CAD/CAM mode which is designed to enhance the use of pro-software (including SolidWorks certification) and other profiles for animation, photo and video work. Dual aspect ratio allows us to work as if we are using two displays and Picture in Picture along with Picture by Picture open up additional operating modes. PiP it has to be noted is hugely beneficial on a 4k display as we can see a full 1080 image in one corner and still have the work space of three 1920×1080 displays available to us. Benq’s Display Pilot  software also allows us to auto switch between modes/profiles on frequently used software and there is plenty of flexibility in the range of movement provided by the stand (with auto rotation of the image on screen when we pivot).

As far as the quality of the screen goes, the IPS model used by Benq on was in our opinion exceptional (especially for the price range, and the lack of tweaking required out of the box). The matt finish gives a great low reflection look when in use and is easy on the eye and the brightness and colour are uniform across the panel. Viewing angles are great and clarity fantastic with input lag low. A real case of the higher the quality of image you send to the BL3201T the more it shines. For more home based use, the screen also does well, having profiles to reduce eye fatigue (blue light/flicker free) in multi-media, surfing, office and reading modes. Then of course we have support for 4k movies as an added bonus.

Summary: Benq are pricing this screen very aggressively and while there are higher cost displays available which may be better suited to some pro-applications the BL3201PT strikes a fantastic balance of cost, build, functionality and hugely impressive image quality.

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  1. I have to ask, how does it handle 1080p or lower games?