Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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Intel 750 Series SSD Review

Intel 750 Series SSD Review

Intel 750 Series SSD Review – The 750 SSD

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Intel 750 Series SSD Review – Software

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Intel 750 Series SSD Review – Performance

Key Test Specifications: Intel Core i7-5960X, ASRock X99 OC Formula, 4x4GB DDR4, Windows 8.1 64Bit. (mSATA testing via riser card, all drives use the highest capacity model available to us.)

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Intel 750 Series SSD Review – Conclusion

Looking first at the build quality and design of the Intel 750 Series SSD (in its PCIe form factor) we have a drive which taken on its own looks nice. The large metal heat spreader looks pretty cool for example. That said, this is a drive which is aimed at high end users, enthusiasts etc. It would therefore have been a nice touch for Intel to add a little more flair, using a black PCB and heatsink for example. Maybe adding a thin metal heatspreader on the back (red?) to match the type of motherboard it is likely to be paired with. Component choice is good though, we can have no complaints about the use of Intel Controller and NAND along with Micron cache. Quality brands with a great track record for reliability and performance.

We have two important notes for those considering the drive too. First, for full functionality (such as use as a Windows boot drive) we need to be using a recent UEFI based motherboard (think Z97/X99) with Windows 7/8. Additionally Intel do not offer encryption on this product, keeping that for the non-consumer focused models. Neither are an issue, but worth keeping in mind when building a system around the 750 Series.

For pricing the UK seems to have settled on £390 for the 400GB, £920 for the 1.2TB. In the US we see $410/$1100. Comparing that to the likes of the Plextor M6e Black Edition (256GB/$299) we see that Intel are offering a better $ per GB figure overall. So while the cost of the larger model initially seems steep, the value is actually pretty good. The SSD Toolbox does add a little extra to the overall package, it is nice and easy to use as well as being responsive and stable. The 5-year warranty is also a plus point.

Moving to performance we have one area where the drive could on the face of things be criticised… write speeds, if we are comparing to the PCIe based Revodrive 350 that can write faster (it is essentially 4xSSD in RAID) in theoretical tests. That is a very specific scenario though and in the likes of real world copy tests, despite having a lower rated write speed the 750 Series exceeds the performance of the Revodrive. A 20GB transfer completes about 20% faster on the Intel model as one example. Elsewhere the results continue to impress, HD Video work for example is crazy fast… so fast in fact it broke out testing software when trying to estimate the FPS speed available. Load times, great. Random performance, class leading and it was great to see the drive actually exceed the rated maximum speed from Intel. They quote 2400/1200 MB/s. We saw performance closer to 2700/1350 MB/s… leaving M.2 and SATA models far, far behind.

Summary: The kick that the stagnant SSD market has needed for some time. The 750 Series SSD from Intel will significantly enhance your system and offers industry leading performance. One of the very few products to ever win our Diamond Award.


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  1. My question is, does it make Windows and Programs installed on it faster / snappier?( Compared to like an 850 Pro)