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Corsair H100i GTX Review

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Corsair H100i GTX Review – Performance

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Corsair H100i GTX Review – Conclusion

It will come as no surprise to those who read our H80 and H110 series review that our H100i GTX experience starts with a solid radiator construction, high quality braided tubing and a stylish CPU block which feels well made. In terms of design, again pretty much the same it looks good and there is plenty of compatibility offered by the range, both motherboard compatibility and CPU models on those platforms.

Installation of the cooler takes around 15 minutes, is very simple, and can really be explained at a basic level as some placement and the turning of 16 screws/bolts followed by plugging in some cables. If you have installed any recent Corsair cooler, or liquid cooler you may not even need the manual. Its that simple but if you do need them the instructions are easy to follow and Corsair have a support forum for anyone who requires extra assistance. Again, we still find Corsair Link a little clunky to configure (and maybe in need of restyling) however the base install/options are more than enough for basic users to monitor their system.

Corsair continue to offer a 5 year warranty on their enthusiast coolers and in terms of performance there was a lot to be happy about. At stock settings our i7-5960X ran at a competitive temperature when compared to other liquid coolers. When we applied some extra voltage and an overclock this impressive performance continued, exceeding the competition and sitting nicely in with the other Corsair models. For noise levels, the H110i GT is a touch quieter in our experience with the H80i GT offering a very similar noise profile to this new H100i GTX.

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