Friday | September 30, 2016
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Lian-Li PC-O6s Review

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Lian-Li PC-O6s Review – Internal

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Lian-Li PC-O6sx Review – Conclusion


There is no doubting that Lian-Li make high quality, attractive cases. We’ve seen a number of them over the years but times have changed and lovely aluminium boxes are often not enough. In the case of the PC-O6s Lian-Li have decided to go with that large panel of 5mm tempered glass and it looks great. The pane feels very solid and attaches with ease (four screws) and the chassis itself is also manufactured to a high standard. All edges were crisp and the paint applied flawlessly. Being an aluminium model the case is also very light, even with the glass attached.

As far as design goes, the ability to use the case horizontally is a nice to have aspect however for the full effect we would stick with vertical every time, allowing the full view of the window. A purchase of LEDs will be required for maximum effect (Lian-Li do offer them own) and of course many high end GPUs already have LEDs too, as do some memory sticks and PSUs. Speaking of PSUs, that is one aspect of the case which could have been improved. We would have liked a perforated area under the PSU location so we could mount the PSU to draw air in from behind the motherboard tray. A minor issue though, just like the lack of a dust filter behind the front perforated section.

Elsewhere we get plenty of flexibility such as support for a massive amount of drives, long GPUs, decent sized air coolers and most standard all in one water coolers will fit with ease. Stock airflow is decent from the 3x12cm fans and it is good to see a removable dust filter on those.

Summary: Fairly easy cable routing, plenty of storage options and support for high performance hardware. The Lian-Li PC-O6s is easy to build in, manufactured to a high standard and has the potential to look spectacular.

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