Monday | September 26, 2016
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Tesoro Kuven Pro Review

Tesoro Kuven Pro Review

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Tesoro Kuven Pro Review – Packaging and Bundle Help With Comparative Essay

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Tesoro Kuven Pro Review – Software

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A Little Word on Tesoro’s Excalibur Range

Before we continue with the Kuven pro review it is worth noting that Tesoro have recently refreshed their Excalibur range of mechanical keyboards, adding RGB and full spectrum lighting models. They can be seen above and other than the LEDs are essentially identical to the original. You can read our review of that board here.


Tesoro Kuven Pro Review – Conclusion

Starting with the design and build quality of the Kuven we have a headset which does fairly well. It does look cool, that angular design stands out and the metal panels, leds and stitched headband all add a feel of quality. The headset feels sturdy too and we have braided cables which is always a decent addition. So, many of the basics are covered however Testro don’t quite hit the mark on them all… for example the documentation is poor (we still have no idea why the channel selector switch flashes, everything seems to work), the software is functional at best and while the website recently had a redesign it has serious quality check issues (the Kuven Pro page for example is filled with Keyboard specs and images). It was also disappointing to see that Tesoro have not resolved their packaging issues. The “furry” tray used to keep the headset stable in the box sheds hairs all over the product and they are incredibly difficult to clean off.

As far as performance goes things are better. The headset does reasonably well in music and movies, especially bass heavy sources. There is a tinny edge to the higher end though. So for example if you are watching Man of Steel and Russell Crowe is voicing over, no problem… nice deep tones. A kid starts speaking and the sound goes slightly harsh. As for gaming, that very much sits in the decent area for the Kuven Pro, especially action games which feature loads of bass, explosions etc. The 5.1 design of course adds to the overall gaming experience and that is one of the highlights of the Kuven Pro, a nice spacious directional sound which helps us pinpoint sounds in the game world.

Summary: A little more attention to detail and some minor tweaks to hardware will have Tesoro competing well in the audio market… a better software solution would help too.


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