Friday | September 30, 2016
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Linksys WRT1200AC Review – Software

File sharing, print sharing, media prioritisation and VPN configuration are all available as is a panel which allows us to manually update firmware, disable the LEDs or tweak our security. Troubleshooting assists us with solving any issues that may develop and we can also configure the routers firewall as well as configure how it behaves with specific apps/games, prioritising those heavy eSports sessions, as one example.


It is also worth noting that the WRT1200AC, like the WRT1900AC also supports open firmware meaning end users can tweak the code and share it adding features that specific user groups may find useful. Mobile apps are also available, allowing us to manage the router from our phone/tablet etc.

Linksys WRT1200AC Review – Conclusion

Back when we reviewed the WRT1900AC we noted that the retro styling was a real selling point and despite it not being new here, it’s still pretty great. We love the older aesthetic of this series and it is great to see that despite this being a lower cost model, the same solid casing is used on the WRT1200AC and we even get the same LED panel and port layout.

Feature wise, the WRT1200AC uses the same setup, the same software/control panel and uses beamforming, dual core CPU and option for open source firmware. The only significant difference is the antenna configuration and associated speed. On the WRT1900AC we get 1300MBPS/600MBPS, on the 1200AC it’s 867/400MBPS. The saving for this is around $100/£75 but what does that mean to you in real world use? Well the 1900AC ensures maximum signal strength in larger buildings, or across multiple floors and is more likely to handle multiple devices being used at the same time without noticeable performance impact. For those who maybe  only use a couple of systems at any one time in an average sized house the 1200AC will offer a great experience for that lower cost.

Summary: Great styling, good build quality and excellent software/stability. Ideal for the average consumer who doesn’t need the enhanced signal strength and extreme multiple device connectivity/usage of the more expensive model.

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