Tuesday | September 27, 2016
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Turtle Beach Elite 800X Review

Turtle Beach Elite 800X Review

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Turtle Beach Elite 800X Review – Packaging and Bundle

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Turtle Beach Elite 800X Review – The Headset

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Turtle Beach Elite 800X Review – Software/Setup

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Turtle Beach Elite 800X Review – Conclusion

The Elite 800X also clamps the head well. For a wireless headset this is an important aspect as we will likely move more with it on. In fact during the testing for this review a significant amount of housework was performed while listening to music through the 800X and regardless of the task it stayed in place without issue. It was also good to have the hidden microphone rather than one getting in the way, or looking out of place when using the headset on a phone when out and about.

It is good to have lots of controls on the headset and for a number of the buttons to have secondary (or even third) functions however we would have liked to see Turtle Beach add some form of noticeable texture to each button so we could feel what each function was without looking in the early days of using the headset. A little more resistance on each button/rocker would also be handy as they do activate quite easily. That said, our preference for this headset was to control it via the mobile app, that works great and gives all the configuration options we needed.

As far as sound quality goes, there are number of profiles built in which vary sound based on the connection used and media being played. Music, movies and gaming are all catered for, as is noise cancelling for different environments on the mic (these certainly offer different experiences so be sure to test which works best in your environment). That gives us plenty to play with, especially combined with the virtual surround sound. Gaming benefits most from this as we have profiles which allow us to more clearly hear our enemies (as one example) but the basics are covered too (bass/treble boost for music). Personal taste will define what works for each individual however we found the overall surround experience to be decent… stereo on the other hand was pretty fantastic. Great clarity in the mids and trebles, loads of bass and an overall warm tone. The added bonus was that this is one of those rare “gaming” headsets which offers quality music playback in addition to the movie/game experience.

Retailing at £249 the Elite 800X is certainly a premium level headset however the performance and features certainly back this up. Setup on mobile and console is easy and the instructions clear. We also like the inclusion of all the cables we need to get up and running and that registering the headset extends the warranty to 2-years while also getting us a clothing item and alternate rocker plates.

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  1. Andy

    This headset is mired with high volume distortion in the likes of Destiny and abysmal microphone chat quality. I’ll be returning them & sticking with my Stealth 500x, which is unfortunate as the mag charge stand & boom-less mic were key features & the actual game audio was great unless there was a lot going on. Check the Amazon reviews, they certainly tally up with my experience.

    To be frank this whole review strikes me as cursory & didn’t leave me with the impression any time was taken to game with it or chat with friends. Most of it could be gathered by sticking the headset on and fiddling with the buttons while music was playing. Congrats on stretching that out to a full article though.

    • Hi Andy, regarding the mic issues. That was something I had heard about, my experience was that it worked fine. I absolutely needed to play with the mic profiles to work out what was best for my environment but as far as quality/volume goes, no issues. I do know though that Turtle Beach are aware of some end users reporting problems and are investigating (and will update the firmware if required).

      I’m not a Destiny player but I did spend a week (roughly) with the headset and mainly played Witcher 3, Project Cars and BF Hardline. At no time in chat did anyone mention issues with quality during the team/online chat. (Same goes for calls).