Friday | September 30, 2016
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ASUS GTX 980 Ti Strix Review – The Card

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ASUS GTX 980 Ti Strix Review – Performance


NVIDIA Driver: 353.30
AMD Driver: 15.15.1004 Beta/15.7


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ASUS GTX 980 Ti Strix Review – Conclusion

Starting with the build quality we have a card which sits at the top of the pile. ASUS have always had well built products and it is great to see that they are continuing to improve their manufacturing processes, both in component choice and assembly. The card looks nice in a system thanks to the backplate, LEDs and fortifier…speaking of that, all enhancements which help strengthen a larger PCB are welcomed as they show some extra care and attention from the manufacturer.

As far as value goes, we get a decent warranty and good pricing…if the card is all that was on offer. ASUS go above and beyond on that front too though, offering a nice software tool and Xsplit licence. It would be cool though if they offered some form of online sign up, either an Xsplit licence or a free game…not everyone wants Xsplit (in fact it may be the minority who do).

Looking to performance and that’s where this card excels. On paper it is the fastest GTX 980 Ti that we have tested and running through the results compared to the others we looked at recently, the Strix was always the fastest card. Of course being the fastest 980 Ti also means that it outperforms the closest competition from AMD, the Fury X. At both 4k and 1440 resolutions. Temperatures are competitive but it is the noise levels where the card really stands out, silent operation at low load is pretty normal nowadays but even when the fans do spin up on the Strix they are near silent.

Summary: The best GTX 980 Ti we have tested, without doubt.


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