Thursday | September 29, 2016
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OCZ Trion 100 SSD Review

OCZ Trion 100 SSD Review All Homework

OCZ Trion SSD Review –  Packaging and Bundle

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OCZ Trion SSD Review – The Drive

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For those who monitor their energy use, the DEVSLP reading for the Trion 100 is 6mW with idle power at  830mW and active use is 4.8W. As for other features, TRIM is supported as is Idle Time Garbage Collection and the drive has a 3-year warranty with up to 240TBW rating (219GB/day). Finally, MTBF is 1.5M hours.


OCZ Trion SSD Review – Performance

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OCZ Trion SSD Review – Conclusion

With this being the first OCZ branded SSD to use Toshiba NAND and controller we were interested to see if there was any significant change in experience over existing drives… and the answer is nothing significant. Standard packaging, standard casing (great that it’s still a nice sturdy metal on this value model), same impressive software solution and the usual OCZ warranty and support process. Of course having tested Toshiba’s own SSDs in the past we know they are quality products.

For pricing, on launch day OCZ informed us that the following prices will be in place for the Trion 100. These include VAT:

120GB: £38.49
240GB: £60.99
480GB: £124.99
960GB: £219.99

That places them very nicely in the current market, for example the 120Gb is £10 cheaper than OCZ’s own Arc 100. And the 960GB is £30  cheaper than the equivalent SanDisk.

So that brings us to performance where the Trion 100 offers good performance for its class. The raw MB/s figures are competitive, random operations towards the bottom of the scale however still decent and real world use all good. Load times for example were near identical to the competition and file copy operations were responsive and completed in similar durations to the competition.

Summary: Well built, good software/support, competitive performance and aggressive pricing win the Trion SSD our value award.

Value Award

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    Not seen write speeds that slow since 120GB 840.
    Even if OCZ were to price these 30% lower they’d still have-
    “Friends don’t let friends OCZ” to contend with………………….