Tuesday | September 27, 2016
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Palit GTX 980 Ti Super Jetstream Review

Palit GTX 980 Ti Super Jetstream Review

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Palit GTX 980 Ti Super Jetstream Review – Packaging and Bundle

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Palit GTX 980 Ti Super Jetstream Review – The Card

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Palit GTX 980 Ti Super Jetstream Review – Performance

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Palit GTX 980 Ti Super Jetstream Review – Conclusion

Starting, as we do more often than not, with build quality and design this is a card which does impress. it is a little disappointing that the cooler shroud is plastic rather than metal however the rest of the design is good. The larger fans look cool, especially with the LED backlighting and seeing a nice chunky backplate always adds to the quality of a graphics card. the cooler itself is also nice and chunky, offering plenty of surface area in the fins as well as a good level of copper in the heatpipes and block. Enhanced power circuitry is always appreciated and the card has a good selection of outputs.

As far as value goes, looking at today’s prices the Super Jetstream is the cheapest Overclocked/Custom 980 Ti that we can see, which is idea. Its about £10/$20 less than the competition and only a few pounds/dollars more than the stock clocked models which is great.

As far as performance goes, there is a lot to like about the 980 Ti Super Jetstream. It offers  good power use for the level of card, very good thermal readings, runs near silent and has class leading framerates in games. Gaming at 1440 is issue free, including with high levels of detail and 4k gaming is also achievable in the latest games.

Summary: Good build quality, nice looking, competitively priced… mix that with great thermals and noise levels along with great framerates and the Palit GTX 980 Ti Super Jetstream wins our Gold Award.

Gold Award

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